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11 06 2011

Last weekend I “Lived the dream” for I got paid to ride my bike !

It was my first job working for Team Sky/ British Cycling as an assistant ride leader, I think, from memory around 30 people turned up, it was a short 8 mile ride down a former railway line called the “Middlewood Way” towards Macclesfield.

Works uniform and a hut hem "Helmet"

It was a relaxed pace (read ULTRA Slow) and I was the only person on a road bike, but I really enjoyed it and to get home I had a nice 7 mile climb so that was a bonus.

Paul, my good friend and former work colleague (Who informed me of becoming a leader) was also assigned to this ride, so I thought , as there was a safe opportunity and all the other riders were being looked after, I’d grab a quick picture of Paul in action too.

I’m not working this weekend, due to a kids party, but lets hope there will be many more chances for me to get paid for going for a ride 🙂


“Liv’in The Dream”




6 responses

11 06 2011

oooh can I pick your brain then? Did you ever have to get off and pick up said bike at any time? I am looking for somewhere to take my wee one in his trailer.

11 06 2011

Yeah its fine for that, there are gates, but I rode though them all (on a road bike) and its smooth enough too, there was a little girl of around 8 years old, who was at the head of the group all the way back.

12 06 2011

Brilliant! Paid to ride – you now yet another connection to Lance, Wouter, Bradley and all the rest.

Well done. I hope this turns into a very profitable dream.

12 06 2011

Thanks Dude, You and me both, I really hope this is the start of something much bigger, as it stands these rides on take place on a Sunday, but I do hope it can lead to something else 🙂

20 06 2011

Being paid to ride is a great idea. Good work.

Hope you don’t mind me linking to my new blog here.

I will be following your blog going forwards.

26 12 2011
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[…] was qualified as a British Cycling ”Sky Ride” Ride Leader , helping British Cycling achieve their goal of a million more cyclists. […]

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