All Change, Gaz gets a new job, wears a tie.

13 06 2011

The Future Aint What It Used To Be:

For 11 years I have worked in the same department for a Local Authority (Local Government, for none UK Readers)

In April, my situation changed, job changed, everything changed, I knew then, that my time in this department was done, while I am quite upset at how things happened, this is not the time or place to go into it, this is the place to celebrate good things, this week I was offered 3 interviews, for 3 different job, all in the same LA.

Can you guess the job type ?

Despite the picture, the job wasnt for a prison guard or security officer, No it was for a benefits officer (Welfare for the Americans that frequent here)

Then on Tuesday, the interview for the  job I really wanted, in Taxi Licensing,  came along.

Late on Tuesday afternoon, at a time that I wouldn’t normally still be in the office, as I had started early, came the news I had hoped for, The Licensing job was mine , if I wanted it, I still had another interview lined up, but without hesitation, I accepted it, I now have just 3 weeks left, in a role that I have done for 11 years before moving onto pastures new.

The crazy thing is, had I not lost weight and gained confidence, I would have accepted my ever deteriorating situation at work and would not have applied to get out, so losing weight, is much more about just physical health, but most people who have ever lost even a small amount, will know this.


The next 6 months will either kill me (mentally) or cure me, for this week I was offered an appointment with the professionals that can fix me, while I’m scared (of failing) I’m looking forward to finally getting the knowledge needed to beat (the hell) out of the one thing that has held me back ever since I was a toddler.

To lose 26 stone (364 pounds) I had to become a soldier, to beat both the weight and my eating disorder, I will need to become a warrior and for the first time in my life, because of many reasons, I do feel like a warrior, I’m READY for this battle, no backing down, toe-to-toe till the end and I WILL be the last one standing.

My time is now and I will do everything I can to make myself proud, raise awareness of Men with eating disorders and finally, get myself totally healthy.

New Bike Time:

Well, its in the air, on its way over to me, its VERY VERY Special, most of you will be shocked/amazed at just how special it is, BUT until its here, all I will leave you with, is an image of the new bottles I have for it (No, its not a Scott or Spesh bike)

HTC Bidon

Finally, Weight Matters:

Im now back down to my lightest ever weight, at 13 stone 9 Pounds, After all the being sick a few weeks ago, I had lost quite a lot of weight/fluids, so I re-hydrated like mad and thus gained (water) weight back once I had stopped with the sickness, thats all gone and im back to my  lowest ever adult weight 🙂

If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.




14 responses

13 06 2011

Congratulations, mate! I am reading this with a HUGE smile on my face. So happy for you and so damn proud of you.

You nailed it – losing weight is about so much more than actual weight-loss. Just look at how the Biggest Losers lives are changed. And now you have done that, but you did it WITHOUT the world’s best trainers, and round-the-clock cameras and doctors and people helping you.

You know what that means? That YOU, my friend, can conquer ANYTHING. And you already are a Warrior. You are a warrior of inspiration, a warrior of determination, a warrior who will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to emerge victorious.

I have complete confidence in you, and all I can say to that eating disorder is… “Hey, eating disorder, how’s it feel to be on the deck of the Edmund Fitzgerald? You are about to go down to the Perfect Storm known as GAZ.”

Congrats again on the job. It is great watching someone fulfilling their destiny right before my eyes. 🙂

14 06 2011

Saying thanks, for such a comment, woouldnt even touch the surface, what you wrote there was just amazing , spine tingling, when I consider those words were about ME , it just get surreal !

14 06 2011

You’ve come a long long way and all credit to you. All the best for the new job and I expect you’ll come across some real characters amongst those taxi drivers. I’m still amazed that even with SED you can get enough fuel in you to do all the riding you do so good luck with the SED help.

15 06 2011

Thanks Man

I agree, now I know more about food and my eating disorder, it does make me wonder how I can do what I can do TBH

14 06 2011
Clive Chapman

Well done on the job mate.

When are you unveiling the new steed to your adoring public?

15 06 2011

Thanks Dude

Well, it arrive last night, Im in love with it TBH, Im not sure I can share it

Or maybe at the weekend then 🙂

14 06 2011

Taxi Licensing – does that mean you now have the power to keep bad drivers off the roads? lol

15 06 2011

LOL – Im not sure i’d get that power, just yet 😀

15 06 2011

You look really happy about it in those pictures…

15 06 2011

Thanks, both were taken just before each interview, no point in being all teeeth when your cacking it, these pictures show reality

15 06 2011

What was the quote? “The harder I work, the luckier I become”. Seems you’re a lucky chap.

Well Done, Squire!

18 06 2011

You are too kind, lets hope lady luck keeps on shining down up on me eh ?

17 06 2011


21 06 2011
Skippy Mc Carthy

Spent the weekend and through til today in bowden passing over some of the roads that you frequent BUT since you did not call i have enjoyed time with others >

Too late now to see where you claim 43mph which leads me to think you should have applied to Skye as the lead out man for “king Cav” !

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