Crown Point Cycles – Expensive Build – POOR Quality – Take a Bow !

8 07 2011

Well, this week, my new bike was FINALLY Built.

Now, the cost of the build was pretty high, it shocked me TBH, however, I figured, it must have been a top-notch job if I was charged £160 (approx $250)

Ermmmm, Actually, the job was PISS Poor.

First off I asked for 2 innerstubes, The bike having mavic ksyrium wheels would have needed either a medium or long valve, but NOT a short one.

Short Valve - Issue Number 1

Then I noticed the headset was lose:

Now, Im RUBBISH with bikes, but it took me 60 seconds to fix this second mistake, with help from the great wide internet.

Then I noticed mistake number 3, no carbon paste on the seat post.

Ok so, at this point, all pretty niggly stuff

THEN, this

Bars Wrong Angle

Now, any bike shop, that has ever built a road bike must KNOW how wrong this is ?

Finally , I asked him to set the bike up for aggression, what I got was a flipped stem,  WTF !

The owner of the shop in question told me that he has been in business 18 years ! , I am sure he MUST have sold a road bike in that time, did that road bike go out in the same shoddy condition ?

Then we have the  high cost, he was provided with a brand new group set, all that was needed was a seat post clamp and headset wedge and 2 inner tubes, so the majority of the cost was the build, now I might not have been happy with the cost BUT that said, if the build was of top quality, then fine, I REALLY wouldn’t have minded, but as it stands I have had to do so much myself that its left a VERY bitter taste.

Today I had a reply to my concerns

1. No comment on the valves

2. The headset was broken (IMHO Not true  as I was able to fit it)

3. The angle of the bars/shifters was fine as “everyone like different things” and “if you watch the Tour de France, you will see no 2 bikes are set up the same

4. £70 of the cost were for parts: headset bung, seat post clamp and inner tubes

I wouldnt have normally be able to afford such a bill (or bike) but as this has come about from my accident, I was lucky.

I WAS a loyal customer of Crown Point Cycles, however, because of this, I don’t think I’ll ever step foot in there again !




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8 07 2011

Bet the gears won’t shift properly on the road either? Or has she not been ridden yet. Torque wrenches set to correct force? Doubt it. Cables pre stretched, if need be, or you’ll be adjusting them again after one ride? Oi! I love red and white, you not gonna show us the full piccy? Really if they were worth their salt instead of excuses they would have addressed and tried to sort out the problems. I have to admit I know one guy who has his bars exactly like that! lol. Just check its safe and enjoy your new machine without worrying too much more about it.

8 07 2011
BenBlyth (Bensbigttrip)

That is really poor Gaz. The brake hoods is an absolute joke. Yes, we all have a diff set up but not like that, that is unrideable. Would they have put the saddle on backwards and used the same excuse?

Vote with your feet and don’t go back. Hope you get the cock ups sorted.

8 07 2011
Mike Binnix

I wouldn’t go back either. I’ve enjoyed great service with my LBS and I’m confident I would never get such a build from them or if I did, the owner would be red with embarrassment.

But it sounds like all are can be addressed and once sorted it should still be a top notch ride for you. Enjoy.

9 07 2011

Crown Point Cycles has proven beyond any doubt that – regardless of how many years they have in – they know nothing about bicycles.


Those are not niggly points at all. Those are ALL things that should go completely unnoticed by any decent bike shop because those are the basics. Bike setup 101.

And Crown Point Cycles failed.

Do not go near that shop again. And TELL EVERYONE what happened and to not give them any business.

For that owner to tell you the headset was broken and that ridiculous hoods setup was due to “everyone likes different things” means only one thing:

The owner of Crown Point Cycles is a complete horse’s ass. And knows nothing about bikes.

You should print his name and you should tell him that unless he gives you at least 20% of your money back that you are going to tell this story at every public speaking engagement you do for the next two years.


I guarantee you this: Crown Point will be gone LONG before you are, Gaz.

9 07 2011

Its very disappointing when you get v poor service. Can recommend Padiham Cycles in Padiham, they are an independant family run shop that pride themselves on service. They build there own Pendle bikes which I am an owner of. My Husband also recommends Ribble Cycles if you are looking the build another carbon bike.

9 07 2011

Good for you.

Working in a technical customer service job (i.e. fixing stuff when it goes wrong) I can say that people are generally accepting of issues so long as they are sorted out quickly and professionally, but to be fobbed off is not acceptable at all. Business owners are going to realise the internet can be used for promos and ads but it’s also the quickest way to get a reputation as being half-assed and unprofessional and bad news travels fast.

It’s interesting that the Courts have just ruled in a case about reputations being affected by online statements where true. Look up the case of Ian Puddick a plumber from London.

10 07 2011
Clive Chapman

Vote with your feet mate. The price & QUALITY of that bike needs a quality assembly.

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