More Goals Achieved – Final Thoughts & More Pic’s from Blackpool, Quick Comparison.

16 07 2011

There’s quite a lot I want to say here, I wasnt sure if I should split it over a couple of updates, but I’m sure I’d forget, so I’ll stick it all here 🙂


Commute 250 Miles in 5 days – Done Last Week

Get an average speed of over 20 MPH over a 10 Mile commute Done Last Week

Ride the Majority of the rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – More about that lower down.

Beat my Best Time in Manchester to Blackpool 3 Hrs 46 Mins (2010) Oh Baby -36 Mins Quicker

Ride a roller coaster again YEAHHHHH

Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

See, When I visited the “Towers” I did “technically” ride a coaster in the log flume, but truth be told, due to personal circumstances I didn’t get chance to ride a REAL Coaster.

All that has now changed and I am  officaly a Roller Coaster Addict !

Big Dipper Blackpool PB

and the best thing ? we were “forced” to sit near the back…….Air Time BABY !!!!!!

This was my first “Real” Coster and you know what ? Its opened up a passion I never thought I had, it was AMAZING, quite literally being “Pulled” down that first drop, I ****’ed myself at first but within seconds I was LOVING it.

Then, with no stopping me it was onto “Zipper Dipper” and “Rollercoaster” getting 90% of the woodies done first.

It was then onto something I NEVER thought I’d ride.

Basically you are pushed off a raised platform at speed into a drop, followed by a loop, up onto another platform where you stop and then do the same again, in reverse.

I climbed to the top and my legs were gone, but then I had just cycled 63 miles,  got strapped in and began to CRAP myself, again that feeling went as we were SHOT forward, WOW, AMAZING, I would have gone again but you have to go to the bottom then back up and by this point, after the ride etc I was too buggered.

Sadly there are no more pictures, so I will stop there and promise that I’m going back, with a huge memory card and a fresh battery and I am gonna ride and document everything 🙂

Then I will move onto Alton Towers and this time, im riding ALL the big 3 !!!!!!

Blackpool Though the Years & Final Thoughts on 2011 !

Old Trafford, Starting the Manchester to Blackpool 2009

Would You Sponsor This Man ? Blackpool 2010

Manchester to Blackpool 2011 gaz in radioshack kit

This year of course was the best, however, it was just as hard as all 3 years, there is a saying “It never gets less painful, you just go quicker” I proved that last weekend, this week, cycling to work, was an effort by Friday , but none the less , I did it.

My nickname is “Mr 53/11” , when I sprint that’s where I sit, when I cruise at speed, I’m in 53/11, so I was little shocked to see that , after my sprint at Blackpool I WASNT in 53/11, I had managed 30 Mph, but I didn’t have the energy for a “Real” fast sprint in 53/11….Next Year !

When Dean punctured, I pee’ed and my bike, well my bike hid

Pina Hiding


A Fat Suit:

Always wanted to donn a “Fat Suit” and try to cycle at 34 stone again, yesterday I did manage to add some “Dead weight” to my commute, but it wasnt even half a stone.

Yup, a 36 spoke wheel and legs with over 250 miles in them was my challenge last night and after 5 miles I was warmer than ever and more sweaty than I have been in a long long time, in short it was REAL Hard work…

I still want to try to cycle at 34 stone again (But I DONT want to be that weight) but by god, last night REALLY opened my eyes to how hard its going to be  !

Sights of Manchester:

Last week I was in another office, I poped out to the shop and grabbed a few piccys, one of course, was of me.

My View For The Next 2 Days

Followed by

Finally arriving at what now, forever will be called, the “Shit Shop” for this reason.


The Glasses spectacle

Urgh, Spec-Savers have caused me HELL in the last few weeks, but with that now seemingly “Sorted”

My new prescription Oakley Jawbones arrived today, well, as no Company in the UK would do these due to how BAD my eyesight is.  I found a company in the USA to make the lenses and supply the frames, GREAT, I pick them up today, after getting stung for customs chargers.

None Tinted Oakley Jawbones WTF

Spot the mistake ?

WTF !!!!!!

Jawbones are AWESOME Cycling glasses but due to how large they are, without the sunglasses tint they look STOOOOOPID !!!!!

So now its back to email fights with the company, lets hope I don’t have to name and shame them

like I did with Crown-Point-Cycles !

I’ll keep you updated !!!


You guys have worked wonders and raised a huge £270 for me to go for a Sunday ride…..:-)

Now I will ask just ONCE more for sponsorship to get use as Close to the £500 target as we can, PLEASE 🙂






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