6 Months in Review ! Its been a good 2011 so far…..

26 07 2011

Its been a Roller Coaster of a ride (Pun pun pun)

This is a LONG Post, but saves you having to read the last 6 months of posts if you are new here and just want to highlights.

The year started well with me managing to get a logo for me/my persona

I’ve not really done anything with it yet, its too small to make a jersey out of, but I’m thinking of getting it made in to a “Headtube” sticker ūüôā

Then, came the first Joel Lane of the year, it was January, it was COLD but there¬†wasn’t¬†any ice this one morning, so I hit it HARD, it was hell, it was just around freezing with an ICY wind, but it set the tone for the next 3 months,

Joel Lane @ 7AM

I thought I had hit the big time with the speeds I averaged that day, truth be told, for the time and conditions it was good, but much better was to come.

The start of the year was also the¬†catalysis¬†for me to finally be able to wear team kit (Tho the weather¬†didn’t¬†want to allow it JUST yet)

"What's He On ? "

THe weight loss over winter was a finally realisation that I was there, I had done the weight loss, it was now all about getting fit and keeping the weight off, in turn getting better on the bike, the pro team kit sure as hell helped me out there.

February was the month that I finally admitted to the world, what most of my readers and friends already knew/suspected:

I have an eating disorder ! within a few days of talking about it I was trying new flavours , then textures, while I am a long way off “Beating it” I am so happy that I “Came out” for since then, I have eaten many many different¬†things, stuff I would NEVER EVER have dreamed of before .

I added many more goals to the goal list and promptly set about chasing them down.

One night, of the way to physio, I chased down a 20mph average speed over the course of one mile and missed out, hitting 19.9Mph on my Single Speed.

Peugeot Single Speed 1982 - First Single Speed

That single speed had to go in the end, for bigger and better things BUT I have lusted after another one ever since.

Feb was also the saddest month ever (well, ish) when Lance Armstrong¬†announced¬†Retirement 2.0 , the man who taught me you need to suffer to win, in turn that made me “Win” at weight loss, was no, retired ! ūüė¶

March saw me write, what I consider to be the best post EVER on here.

It was titled “Blackpool¬†Revisited” and spoke about the day, in 2009 I rode from Manchester to Blackpool

Here is a short extract:

I look  back over at that ride today and you know what, THAT ride changed me, It made me realise that, its not about how much you weigh, it’s not about what you’ve done in your past, it’s about what your DOING. Our body’s, they are  amazing, I shouldn’t have been able to do what I did that day, I didn’t train anywhere near enough, my nutrition was poor and I was obese…. But my body, it just kept going.

If you have not yet read it, then please do, go and read it NOW.

More new flavours continued to pass my lips in March and more and more PB’s were getting crushed.

April, was a PACKED Month.

I played around with my new Carbon bike, crashing it almost as soon as I got it (Its still fine today though) and looked at what I could do to make it more “ME”

and that was good, I liked it, it inspired me when I was suffering BUT I thought, I can make it even more inspirational !

and this was born !

That bike is now my main commuter bike and I LOVE what it stands for , it never fails to get me out of the saddle and pushing HARD.

Since I had a bike that looked like it would climb well, I decided to do punishing climbs morning and night, every single work day

It was staring to get hot too, so¬†those¬†climbs by¬†Friday¬†night’s, had me begging for mercy…but I¬†didn’t¬†stop.

The bank Holiday saw me donn my BMC Hincapi kit and do the full “Chunal Loop” something I FAILED the last time I attempted it, not only did I NOT fail but it was a breeze and I even got some footage of myself too.

The other biggie that I managed this month was getting my BUTT on a Rollercoaster (Ish)

Alton Towers Log Flume 2011 - Is That Fear In My Eyes ?

May saw me laid up with a potentially serious illness that turned out to be fine in the end.

It was a sad start to the Month too as I saw the death of Wouter Weylandt at the Giro.

Once I managed to get back on the bike, I set about relighting that fire I had last month.

Truth be told, I felt weak and I had to REALLY fight for everything on the bike but it was a GREAT lesson to learn, we are mortal and I’d had it easy for the last 2 months, life isnt easy, you need to fight for it.

I managed to cross another goal off my list with some motivational speaking in May, while all the time, trying to re-find my form and fitness.

June was the month were I attempted to eat more new foods than I ever EVER thought possible in my WHOLE life , including an APPLE, I know !!!!

I even saw a professional for my eating disorder too and while I’ll be getting the help I need, its gonna be a while yet.

June was about food food and food, the cycling, took a back seat while I hoped my¬†fitness¬†would get better after May’s issues , it was all about doing what I could to eat like a normal person !

July,  July was Manchester to Blackpool 2011, nothing else, I was single minded on what I wanted, I went out on punishing training rides, I put myself though 8 days of hell before the ride on the 10th.

Including the Woodhead Pass:

I was almost ready, I just needed a rest, mentally and physically, I had done all I could !

I aimed for under 3 hours that day (63 miles) in truth , I (we) missed out by just 10 mins, it was really hard for me to take, I had road myself INSIDE OUT that day, as the following picture shows.

Manchester to Blackpool 2011 Gaz after the race

After I composed myself and still beating myself up for not giving more (but I¬†couldn’t, as the picture above clearly shows) I made myself feel better by posing

Manchester to Blackpool 2011 gaz in radioshack kit

After the disappointment of missing out on the goal I set about beating some more goals and riding some REAL Roller Coasters at Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park.

Big Dipper Blackpool PB

and with that an addiction is born, I am now a REAL Roller Coaster junkie, I cant wait to ride MORE, Maybe the Orlando tourist board or Virgin Holidays wants to offer up a Holiday to Disney/Universal studios ?

Since that ride, my times have gotten quicker, I feel stronger, I have direction now in where I want to take my cycling.

I have big plans for what’s next for me/this blog, I just need some pretty big backers for it ūüôā

Cycling wise I have done 3000 miles in the last 6 months, the next 6 , for me, is about getting faster and faster, I know I can do the distance now, next I need to up the averages, I¬†don’t¬†really see myself as a sprinter these days, more of a “Classics” rider, I guess the next 6 months is for me to work on that.

I hope I continue to inspire people out there to LiveSTRONG, become healthy or lose weight, i doesnt matter who you are, if I can, ANYONE Can !

PS Remember the stats from January, here are some from Sunday (It was an UPHILL RIDE)

Im making improvements all the time, long may it continue !

See you at Xmas for the next review






4 responses

27 07 2011
Mark Shaw

Gaz, I have followed your blog for a long time now because I am overweight, enjoy cycling and used to live in Hyde so know lots of places you describe.
What you have done is amazing and you should be proud of your achievements which i’m sure you are.
I have finally been inspired to shift my lazy ass and shift the weight I have so far lost a stone, I am not starting from where you did and my eating disorder is I cant get enough of it but I am starting to see results and these have been inspired by you and other bloggers…………….keep it up

29 07 2011

Hi Mark

Well done on your own journey mate


29 07 2011
Clive Chapman

Keep cranking them cranks mate!

29 07 2011

And you dude and you

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