A6 Cycle Wherehouse – Stockport Road – Manchester – THANK YOU !

29 07 2011

A6 Cycle Wherehouse

754-758 Stockport Road


 M12 4GD


CREDIT Where credit is due:

I am not being paid or sponsored to say this but , after posting a negative review of  Crown Point Cycles, I feel it only fair to look at the other side, to show I am objective.

NOT Taken Today 🙂

To be honest, this was the shop that 3 years ago sold me this(and I have not given them much air time 😦

Yukon 08 - First Bike, This Started It All

& While they started me off, I have never really thought of them for the majority of jobs or parts I’ve needed, mainly because of location.

Today I needed a steerer cut, all the larger stores were quoting a few days,  A6 said they would do it today !

I picked it up after work and said to the mechanic “remember me” He had no idea who I was, despite me going in a fair few times at the start of my journey, his reaction when I explained was priceless

He then called out the boss (Who I met a few times when buying the bike too)

I said

“Remember me” his face was that of total blankness, he had no idea

I said “Come on, how can you forget me”

Nop, still nothing, I can’t begin to say how amazing that made me feel, I then  said

“A HUGE Man 3 years ago purchased a Giant Yukon”

“Right” he said…..”Well that was ME”

Again the shock, disbelief etc was immense It was such a warm welcome back, I thanked the boss (Winston I believe) for helping to save my life, see at almost 40 stone, when you walk into a bike shop, you don’t expect to be treated the same as everyone else.

If you owned a bike shop, how would YOU react if THIS walked in ?

but I was and Winston even admitted when he saw me 3 years ago that he thought I “Needed this” because of how huge I was.

I thanked him again for being part of the new me and turning me into a fanatical cyclist, we chatted about the Manchester to Blackpool, he checked out my Carbon LiveSTRONG bike and then I headed out, chest puffed out, head up high, walking tall, feeling proud and also feeling like I had just walked back “Home” after 3 years away.

They did a great job on the Steerer tube too :-)…I’ll be going back much more from now on.


Just wanted to tag this here, I have managed to “Bodge my Jawbones”

The lenses I got were not tinted as I paid for, I ended up getting a big refund and keeping the frames, I ordered some none prescription lenses and set about putting an old pair of glasses behind them, well, this is the result:



FAO of Boards.ie, who says I dont smile 🙂




9 responses

29 07 2011

Best post ever! What a payoff to your journey! And CHEERS to A6 Cycle Warehouse!

Everyone in the area (and those outside the area) should take all their business there.

And great news about the Jawbones. Dare I say you look Cavendishesque…

29 07 2011

Yup I totally agree , was the most awesome feeling to genuinely not be recognised and then be given such a warm welcome , amazing .

I do feel a little guilty it’s taken this long to give them the credit they deserve tho

As for looking like Cav, nah, lenses are not green 🙂

29 07 2011

You ought to do some promotional stuff for A6. They should use you as a spokesperson to get people to ride.

1 08 2011

What a great story 🙂 – thanks for sharing Gaz

1 08 2011

My pleasure 😉

1 08 2011

Great Story. At 39+ stone myself, I have found great motivation to get off my arse from your story. I drive by a bike store today on the way to lunch and thought about stopping. I pulled into the parking lot and opted for the Brixx Pizza next door. I think I’ll go back tonight after work and go in the right door. I would love to discuss some things with you via email if you’re available.

6 08 2011

Glad I could motivate you David , do keep us updated on your process and feel free to ask for as much help as is needed,


25 08 2011
It’s Time I Re-Joined The SS « The FORMER, 39 Stone, Cyclist

[…] bike-themed-point, I got my Cyclo-Cross sorted this week, with another HUGE Thanks going out to the A6 Cycle  Warehouse for getting it sorted, I am not overly impressed with Planet X for allowing a bike out in the state […]

29 03 2012

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