Thanks Lidl ….

7 08 2011

So , Lidl, a supermarket (Grocery store) , why am I thanking them ?

Wellllll….a couple of weeks back, they had a “Cycling Thursday” where they sold a selection of, cycling stuff, most of it was of no use to me, stuff like cheap computers, jerseys etc etc

However, for a BARGAIN price of £29.99 they had a work stand, now, this was something I had wanted for a LONG time but I’ve never been willing to pay the high prices everyone else wanted.

I wasn’t sure if it would be any good at over 50% cheaper than even cheap places but it was worth a punt as they seem to sell on eBay for £50, so worst case would be throwing it on the “Bay”

I needn’t have worried , its TOP QUALITY !

It even makes CLEANING a bike a pleasure

and for all you cassette, porn, freaks out there 🙂

Clean cassette

Now we all know that a workstand would be overkill for just cleaning a bike……So……I thought I’d better get a project going to make that worthwhile.

The project is finished…………I’ll post about it in the next update 🙂




4 responses

8 08 2011
Clive Chapman

I’ve had a workstand since the early 90’s. I couldn’t imagine working on my bikes without one. Every bike owner should have one!

8 08 2011

All new bikes should come with one 🙂

10 08 2011

Gaz, I notice you’r bike’s drooping. Is that choice (to get to the rear mech) or is the grip a little prone to slippage?

I’ve got a decathlon cheapo which is great, but uses the BB shell to rest the bike on, so not totally ideal.

Bike looks great though – Cheers!

10 08 2011

Tis done outta choice Mr C :0)

Makes life much more simples for me

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