The Building Of My Second “Cheap Chinese Carbon Bicycle”

8 08 2011

My FM028 project turned out much much better than I had ever hoped.

It has become my daily commuter, its been crashed, twice and even “Chavs” stop and ask me “Eeeeer mate, is that a f*****g Trek Madone, or wot” ……It really is a stunning bike and a real pleasure to ride.

and because its been such a joy, I decided that I wanted, no, NEEDED N+1 in the CCCB stakes, well, that and a little bit of compensation helped from last years accident too.

I got the following parts:

Shimano 105 2011 Groupset £350

58CM FM 015 Frame, Fork, Seat Post £250

Wheels £80

Bars, saddle, cables, tyres etc £50

Total £ 630

I went with a FM015 because I like the sheer aggression, its very much like the CAAD9

Now, I wanted, no, needed to keep the cost as low as I could on this build, so I wasn’t really up for giving Crown Point Cycles £160 to bodge another build, so with the advice of some good friends and the amazing place that is the internet, I set about building this myself, now, I’m a total idiot, this would be a HUGE HUGE achievement for me to actually be able to finish.

On the Crown Point Cycles note, before I started, I put right, the (what I hope is) final mistake:

Crown Point Cycles Version of Aggression

Real Aggression

With that sorted I set about the FM015 build.

First off, an uneducated Neanderthal like myself needed to get properly equipped

Ice Toolz

There was going to be 2 potential “Show Stoppers” they were the BB and Cranks and the Headset.

Within a few days of getting the frame, I had the right tools for the BB and, like a car bonnet, I was, on it.

FM015 BB and Cranks installed

Major hurdle one, overcome.

Next came the headset and in fairness, with the help of the “Internets” I had it sorted superquick.

Now the Work Stand and Ice Toolz were to come into there own.

within an hour I was at this stage.

So that’s the wheels, front and rear mech, shifters and brakes all installed.

I needed that Steerer cut tho, as mentioned last week, I got that done at A6 Cycles.

I flipped the stem, then installed a shorter one.

Next was the cable installations and gear indexing, something that im REALLY poor at but again, with the “Net” and YouTube, I got it sorted.

With that done, it was just a case of adding my SPD’s and bar tape and having a test ride.

I am going to make a few minor changes in the coming week and a few Major additions too 🙂

But for less than a middle of the road hybrid, I now have a Carbon road bike with Shimano 105 AND what I have learnt while building it has been/will be invaluable in the future, although at times I got a little stressed  I REALLY enjoyed this and am actually a little sad its finished, tho I still need to finish off my SS project (Nothing like this tho)

I would encourage any serious cyclist to build a bike, it gives you a real appreciation of  your machines.

Anyway, here she is, note the TdF Yellow :).

Now, where did I put those Radioshack decals ? 🙂




17 responses

8 08 2011

Yellow cabling – nice touch!

8 08 2011

Glad it’s been noted 🙂

8 08 2011
Skippy Mc Carthy

CONGRATULATIONS on this achievement , you will get a lot of satisfaction from riding a bike you built yourself !
Most of the bikes i own i have i built myself and every so often i finish up changing parts from one bike to another . Not easy to choose which to use sometimes so try not to get carried away by adding more bikes to the collection .

When i go to the Pro tours i always take the alloy framed bikes since should there be a crash then a carbon bike breaks more easily . Luckily i have only broken helmets rather than frames with my mishaps

8 08 2011

Thanks buddy

It was the second most enjoyable cycling related thing I’ve done 🙂

12 08 2011
Gareth Rowbotham (@curesam)

NIce to see someone else who has recently built their first bike. I did my first one this summer then rode it on the Coast 2 Coast for Diabetes UK. For a cyclist, its very rewarding both to build the bike and ride it, but also to learn about how a bike is actually put together.

14 08 2011

Awesome story dude

I had to half rebuild it yesterday because of an issue with the headset and then I noticed I’d gotten the cables on twisted so took them off and re-indexed it etc

Was chuffed 🙂

16 08 2011
Toby M

Just a quick note – £350 + £250 + £80 + £50 = £730 not £630 😉 Nice bike though! I wish I had enough money to build one myself..

I’ve set myself a budget of £400, is it even possible to build a bike for that money? It looks like I’m going to have to buy second hand parts…

16 08 2011

Doh good point

I’m sure with eBay and second hand parts it could be done

29 08 2011

Nice! Have you weighed it yet mate? Do the Chinese also do Titanium frames too;-)

29 08 2011

Thanks, it looks SOOO Much better now, not weighed it yet TBH

29 08 2011

I believe they do do TI Frames too yes.

29 08 2011
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1 12 2011
Tim Turpin

Now that you have ridden both the FM015 and FM028 which one do you find stiffer when hammering? Also, which one climbs better?

1 12 2011

The 015 is better to really push

The 028 is better to live with each day

6 02 2012

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The Building Of My Second “Cheap Chinese Carbon Bicycle” | Cycle Of Life – Fix You

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The Building Of My Second “Cheap Chinese Carbon Bicycle” | Cycle Of Life – Fix You

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