I’m feeling VERY Olympic Today !

11 08 2011

Yes yes yes, its a line from the SUPER Cool (See what I did there?) Cool Runnings but I can draw parallels from that film today…more on that later though.

Smile and the world smiles with you.

Its been said, I don’t smile enough in pictures and while I hope that is now put to bed, due to the fact that 99% of my pictures now includes a smile, I wanted to show that I can NOT smile if you REALLY Want me to Smile

39 stone cyclist larking around

LOL – I make myself chuckle Smile

but joking aside, I can  & do smile

39 stone cyclist Gary Brennan smile

That Olympic feeling:

Today, I found out I had made it though to the  next (final) round of judging, after being nominated to carry the Olympic Torch for London 2012 …. I’ll keep you posted but how AMAZING would be it for someone like ME to get such an HONOR !!!!


Sunny August

Well……… Sunny ? maybe not, so far I have been either SOAKED or frozen every day in August this year.

Today not only did I wear a long sleeve Jersey but a THERMAL one too.

august cycling kit for manchester


MMMMMM a Virgin !!!!


Oi you lot, get your mind out of the gutter

I got texted a picture from Mr-Dean-o this week……I was immediately jealous

virgin 747


Maybe Sir Richard and Virgin holidays would sponsor this blog with a dream holiday to America for us?…..I can but wish….

The Next Challenge

A 55 Mile (Approx 90km) RACE over the following terrain…..I don’t have long to train for this and its gonna be HELL but I’ll give EVERYTHNG to ensure I make you and I proud !

The NEXT Challenge


Manchester Riots 2011:

Well, what can I  say DISGRACEFUL !!!!!

I have stuck a few pictures of both the aftermath and the clean up effort on my Picasa

As some of you know, I work for Manchester City Council, the day after the riots my office was getting calls at 8am, the second our phone lines opened, from members of the public, offering there time to clean up the city, after the disgraceful events of the previous night, it was really humbling to hear all these normal, every day folk, cleaning up some SCAMBAGS Mess…Well done Manchester


Manchese=ter city council


manchester riot clean up

Im off work for a much deserved rest from tomorrow, so this weeks update is now DONE, stay safe, LiveSTRONG.





4 responses

12 08 2011

I hope you can carry the torch on your bicycle!
Best of luck there.

14 08 2011

Would be awesome if I get to carry it – doesn’t matter how tho – will be a dream come true – something like that simply doesn’t happen to people like me, the little guys , so let’s keep everything crossed !

12 08 2011

ohh, whats the race?

12 08 2011

With the fear of falling flat on my face n making myself look like an ass – I’m not saying owt till after the event 🙂

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