It’s Time I Re-Joined The SS

25 08 2011

Does this man look part of the SS to you ?

No, Clive, not black boots, but the Single Speed Club.

See, last year/The start of this, I had a very sexy, retro SS bike that improved my climbing bar none.

However, after a few months, I felt (wrongly) that I had made SUCH huge strides that I couldn’t get any better ( I know I know, I’m new at all this still and we ALL get things wrong)

I have yearned after one since, so this week, I took the opportunity to move on 1 or 2 of my existing bikes to free up some cash and space and got myself a very nice (and HUGE) Specialized Langster Single Speed bike and AREADY its helping me with my climbing and cadence etc.

In another bike-themed-point, I got my Cyclo-Cross sorted this week, with another HUGE Thanks going out to the A6 Cycle  Warehouse for getting it sorted, I am not overly impressed with Planet X for allowing a bike out in the state my CX was given to me in (it needed the threads re-machining,new pads and the wheel truing) , that said, the bike itself is AWESOME Fun , I did 20 Canal miles on it yesterday and LOVED them all, I do need disk brakes tho !!!!!

So here is the Langster and the Uncle John (Both in DESPERATE Need of a clean) there will be better pic’s of both at a later date.

Langster Single Speed and Planet X Uncle John Cyclo Cross

& Let us say a goodbye to this !

Custom Trek Madone 1274 Project One, 39 stone cyclist




9 responses

25 08 2011

If you read my blog awhile back, well several months ago, I single speeded on my Subway LTD for a spell. I enjoyed it immensely, and would love to get a SS bike myself. When I read, in Clive’s blog, that he’d got the Genesis SS, I asked via his comments section what set up he’d gone for? He obviously had moved on from that particular post, so I didn’t get a reply. What set-up is your SS bike? I don’t pretend to know the SS terminology, but I mean how many teeth on front and back cogs. Your bikes are both very impressive.

25 08 2011

Hummmm, the Ring is a 42T, not sure about the freewheel, will double check for you tho

25 08 2011


Its 42×15…..I need more GI on that for SURE !

26 08 2011
Clive Chapman

Sorry Welshie, I answered that in the following blog of mine here: sorry if you thought I was ignoring you! 40t front 18t back. 🙂

Nice Gaz!

26 08 2011

40/18 !!!!!

I assume its easy to spin out on that ?

27 08 2011
Clive Chapman

It is mate, but you need the rest from hammering up the climb in the first place!

27 08 2011

Good point

Well made


26 08 2011

Like the Langster, is it new?

26 08 2011


Its the 2010 version

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