It’s Back, To The Future.

29 08 2011

As I mentioned the other day, I am in the middle of refreshing my bike stable.


See, for a while there, I lost my way, I was so ultra focused that I became a PURE roadie and nothing else mattered, thing it, It lost a bit of the fun factor. This week, I have rode 4 different “Types” of bike, each one of them has put an AMAZING smile on my face, so, The stable ?

Its important to note that this “Refresh” has cost me NOTHING !!!

Enjoy this post and keep an eye out for an inspirational post coming up this week:


A few weeks ago I finished my FM015 build, and inspired by how AMAZING Team Radioshack are, I “Tarted it up”  a little with some tyres and decals.



The Shack Trek Madone


Turned out quite nice eh ?….Well, yes it did and I am sure the new owner will LOVE it (I  DIDNT Make a profit or a loss from this project, but I gained a LOT of knowledge building it)

I rode a full canal commute on the repaired Planet-X Uncle John one day this week, damn that bike + mud = FUN !!!!


Planet X Uncle John CX


Then it was time for some Single Speed action on the Langster, this too was so much FUN, I managed a couple of 16.5Mph average commutes despite a relatively small GI , Sadly, Gaz the Bike KILLER Struck on Friday and the left crank became lose, being second hand, its one of those things, its not gonna cost a lot for a new one and I know what I am doing to sort it, so it should be back , ready for action next week.

2010 Langster Single Speed


This weekend, I did something that I didn’t think I would do again, I got a MTB and again, taking life a little less seriously, I had sooooo much fun down the canal and even up BHOD

Orbea Zenit HT MTB

So, for now, that’s the stable refresh done.


So that’s where I stand, no more “Just road bikes” for me, it is, once again, all about the PURE FUN FACTOR.










12 responses

30 08 2011

Variety is the spice of life. Excellent stable, Gaz. As the humble owner of two bikes, I am officially jealous!

30 08 2011

Thanks Steve

Took the cx on-road today , the fun factor is BACK !!!!

30 08 2011

Refresh at no cost!! That’s something I’ve been unable to do :(. You have a nice stable there Gaz just missing a folder 😉

30 08 2011

Right place , right time added to the fact that I enjoy a bit of ‘Arry Redknapp wheeler-dealings and was in a stronger place not needing to sell.

Folder ?????? Never ever ever ever ever never :0)

30 08 2011

I have a pair of wheels that would suit that radio shack frame perfectly!

30 08 2011

I no longer own it dude

But thanks anyways :0)

30 08 2011
Clive Chapman

You’ve only had your Sunday Best for a few minutes! What are you like!!!!!!!!???????????

30 08 2011

Am keeping it mate

Am actualy REALLY Settled on my bikes now (For the first time EVER)

29 09 2011

Considering a new bike for my commute, currently riding an old hybrid with 26″ wheels but thinking about either a road or cyclecross as a replacement. Is it just this cx bike you aren’t getting on with or cx in general?

2 10 2011

I can seem to eeek much more outta of MTB TBH

30 08 2011

D’oh try this one.

31 08 2011

Agreed :0)

Perfect fit

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