“Feel-Good Week”–Post 1, Gaz & Oscar Brogden

30 08 2011

I have decided to declare this week as “FEEL-GOOD Week”.

Things round here have been ultra focused in recent times, now, its time to enjoy it, look at what inspires me, look at what/who inspires others.

Oscar Brogden, is someone who I have know for approx 12 years now & someone who I class as a good friend and a great person, for those that don’t know him, allow me to explain:

WHEN a bicycle gets broken and chucked away, it’s a great idea to . . . recycle it. And that’s just what Oscar Brogden has done with an astonishing 3,000 of them. Then Oscar, an engineer who’s a dab-hand at repairing bikes, has given them away to local youngsters.

Oscar devotes much of his spare time to fixing broken and damaged bikes that have been thrown away and are destined for the tip

Today, after a meeting , I caught up with Oscar, he told me that he was just a few bikes away from handing over his 3500’th !, that’s amazing and I take my hat off to him, I have never owned one of his bikes, they are for people in genuine need & youngsters. People who cant afford to pay for one, and that’s something in this day and age, that is just amazing !

Oscar, its been a pleasure knowing you for all these years, long may it continue, YOU are someone who has done more for cyclists and promoting cycling than I could ever hope achieve !!!


Gaz the 39 stone cyclist and Oscar Brogden




6 responses

31 08 2011

The planet needs more Oscars! Well done.

31 08 2011

Gimme a hell yeah !

1 09 2011
Skippy Mc Carthy

BRAVO OSCAR ! Your efforts are to be applauded as it would appear you give up most of your free time to help others ! With so many bikes on my hands i have become reasonably proficient at effecting any repairs that i need to do and have most of the equipment to do so but cannot imagine being able to help so many people with these skills .

Long may you continue and i hope there are others near you that can learn your skills to assist in expanding your efforts . Email me on skippi@ausi.com so thaw can meet the next time i visit my friends in Altringcham !

Could either of you tell me who is responsible for the ukeep of the Cycle paths under Manchester Runways ? Last month whilst riding back to Altringcham i passed through the first tunnel and on entering the econd saw a cyclist coming so moved over but this tunnel had a lip between the cycle path and walkway so over i went into the wall at speed .

How many others have to suffer before this hazard is erradicated ?

1 09 2011

Oscar is not only a LEGEND, he is also VERY VERY Humble.

16 05 2012

Oscar restored my faith in humanity, for that I’d like to thank him. Couldn’t you help me with that? I’d love to send him a letter. Lots of love, My from Sweden

17 05 2012

I can pass on his email address if you like?

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