Feel-Good Week, Post 3, Gaz gets short-listed for an award, time for a new “After” Picture !

1 09 2011

Whats the award, I hear you cry ?

Well, in typical Biggest Loser style, I’m not saying, I intend to build the excitement :0)

Needless to say, I am now in the final 3 for 2 awards !

So, to honor such an event, it was time I got a new tie and pose,  see the last award I won, I looked like this:

Sporting Achievement

This time, I’m going for a less “Stuffy” look and SLIGHTLY more Casual, I’m sure you will ALL agree, Pink is sooooo me 🙂

Would YOU give this man an award in “Feel-Good Week”?




8 responses

1 09 2011

That may be the best you’ve ever looked. And pink is the color of the GIRO!

Allez, Gaz!!!

1 09 2011

May be ? I’m gonna have to disagree here & I find it hard to say this about myself

But in them pictures, I am far and away the best I have EVER looked, in my whole LIFE !

AHHHH The Giro, of course, thats why I did it there :0)

1 09 2011
BenBlyth (Bensbigttrip)

Bloody he’ll Gaz, at the risk of sounding Gay, you are looking bloody good now. Really slim. Word up pal.

1 09 2011

LOL Class !!!!!!

Thanks Dude !

1 09 2011

Hi Gaz – come on hear every now and again for some inspiration. I myself have slimmed down thanks to road cycling but not at your levels – 15.5 stone to 12.5 stone in about 4 months. What I would like to know is how your skin has recovered. A have maintained a small spare tyre yet I’m slim everywhere else.

I hope to drop down a little bit more to see if i can shift it – have you had any surgery to address excess skin? Any advice would be great.

2 09 2011

Hi Carl

Well done dude on your loss, feels great no ?

Sadly I have a crap load of skin, there isn’t much I can do about it or advice I can give , sorry !

2 09 2011
Clive Chapman

Skinny bastard!

2 09 2011

Thanks beautiful 😉

( for anyone not sure, that’s an attempt at humour)

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