"Feel-Good Week" Finale – This Transformation Moment Was Brought To You By……

2 09 2011

….Many things and people, time to rewind…..

Transformation Moment ?? …In order to see what’s actually been transformed we need to take a look back & not just at the physical side either. Most readers here, will have seen this picture MANY times.


But it doesn’t tell the FULL story, the story of:

NO Confidence

NO Self Worth

Self Loathing

NO Direction in life

A TOTAL Lack of belief in myself.

Today, however, I am:

Brimming with confidence, to the point of it over flowing

I KNOW What I want in life & How I will get it

I LOVE the personality I have grown into

The Statistical Changes:

Before:                                                                                             After:

Waist 68-72″                                                                                  Waist 30-32″

Weight 39Stone 13Lbs .   (560 Pounds)                                   13 Stone ! (182 Pounds)

Shirts 26″ Collar or 8XL                                                            15″ Collar or Medium/Large

BMI over 70                                                                                 BMI 22

Resting Hear Rate OVER 130Bmp                                       Resting Heart Rate 36 BPM

Miles Cycled ZERO                                                                  Cycled over 18.000 Miles

I checked my weight loss by wrapping                             I now check my weight with scales

my fingers round my wrists….

THATS A Transformation moment , But  how have I changed not only the outside but also, what’s INSIDE too ?

Without wanting to sound like I am blowing smoke up anyone ass, there is a long list:

Lance Armstrong – Taught me that the ONLY way to train was at 110% & when you are done and you think its all over, give 150% then 200% & Dont EVER EVER Stop until your body wont allow you to carry on

LiveSTRONG -Taught me that NO MATTER What the odd’s against you are, YOUR future is in YOUR Hands (Or legs)

The Biggest Loser – Taught me something I could never have believed had I not seen it myself – Obese people CAN work out and workout HARD !

Meat Loaf – Taught me to love Grid-Iron , In Turn I love the San Diego Chargers – In turn they inspired me to lose enough weight to wear a Jersey !

You see where I am going here, every turn in life, there is inspiration, we all look at it in unique ways, you do what YOU need to, in order for it to work for YOU !

I have been told that I am an inspiration to others & that humbles me !!!!!! I have also been told that people are willing to donate in order for me to fulfil my dream of not having excess skin, well, there is a button at the bottom of this post, if you donate then THANK YOU !, If not, don’t worry, If you have a business and want a corporate sponsorship deal , leave a comment (I wont publish it) with your details & we will take it from there.

My journey is finished from a weigh loss point of view, however I am here now to stand tall and inspire others.

EDIT: The Paypal dontate button isnt showing, any tips ?




9 responses

2 09 2011

Well done matey, things are sounding good for you. Definatly an inspiration, thanks to you I got a bike and started Cycling. Seems a long time ago now! Had my first cycling “holiday” at the weekend – 234 miles in 2.5 days, wouldn’t have done that without that first spark! Good luck for the future and keep on blogging

2 09 2011

Thanks bud

I know you have had issues getting going because of work but with that sort of milage I’d assume that’s now long long behind you and that you are WELL on your way ?

12 09 2011

I can not believe you have reached your goal. That is fantastic.you need to keep the blog going as it has been the inspiration for me to start riding again after ten years.
I now have a lovely Gary Fisher single speed. Miles done, two!

13 09 2011

Sounds like a nice ride – don’t forget to thrash the heck outta it

I’ll always keep this blog going to help others, I’ve still got goals to achieve and Deamons to kill

3 09 2011
Clive Chapman

Nice job Gaz… 🙂

3 09 2011

Thanks dude 🙂

4 09 2011

The PayPal button most probably isn’t working because WordPress won’t allow scripts to be embedded onto a post. It is the same with StumbleUpon and Google Adsense.

Just post your PayPal e-mail at the bottom of the post, then get people to donate to that.

And RE: The picture of you on your bike, is it me or does that rear brake need tightening up?

6 09 2011

Resting HR of 36bpm?! That’s incredible! I thought only the pros had numbers like that!

Gary, you are one of the most inspirational “losers” I have ever heard of, and I’m surprised you aren’t better known in the world (I came across this site by accident). On top of this, the fact that you achieved all this with you selective eating disorder is even more amazing.

Have you ever been in contact with Lance himself? I’m sure you are the kind of person he would love to hear about.

Keep up the good work!

6 09 2011

Thanks man

I’d love to make a profession out of inspiring others I really would

Don’t know Lance’s contact details by chance ? :0)

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