Oooooon The 5 Day’s Of Christmas …..

10 09 2011

…..My bike gave to me….6 P U N C T U R E  S

Ok, it’s not Christmas and it wasnt just one bike that caused me some woes this week, but you get the idea.

On Tuesday alone I racked up 3 punctures, Thursday night I was a mile from home on my SS and I got a puncture, so I decided to pick up the bike and jog, I’d had enough of inner-tube changing at the road side and its been  while since I last jogged.

I made the cardinal school boy error once I was home, I changed the tube and blew it up WITHOUT checking the tyre…PSSSSSSSSST…..ARGH…..then I spent 10 mins checking the tyre and there was nothing in it, that  I could find anyway…..ohhh the joys :)….Would’nt change it for the world !

The only bike that didn’t give me a puncture was my MTB 🙂

My Olympic Dream, Picked up by the media:

This week I had a couple of photo shoots and , by the end of the week, had hit at least 4 newspapers (3 national ones)

One of the photo shoots

Click the Picture for one of the articles

The articles are pretty much as you would expect really, there are a few anomalies but on the whole its good and lets just hope that it helps in some way with my “Olympic Dream”

hopefully next week, I will have some good news in regards to an award im listed for and a race that I might be taking part in, so stay tuned.

If you a book publisher reading this, then get in touch, if I get to carry this torch, what a final chapter in the awesome story it will be to write and publish !

Thanks to Paul over on Fat Cyclist and the articles that hit the web, we have had around 7000 extra visitors in the last 2/3 days, so, I thought, as opposed to them having to go through all the site, that I’d make a video to sums things up with regard to me and my journey….As always, turn your sound on  !

9/11/11 – We must NEVER Forget !

Finally, 10 years later, we must NEVER FORGET !




2 responses

13 09 2011
John Richmond

Love the stuff about the punctures, we must have all been there! Good luck with the award and keep up the great work.

13 09 2011

And 2 more since then

New tyre time lol

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