So Long & Thanks For ALL The Memories !

22 09 2011

Its been a totally AWESOME 3 years but sadly, it’s now time to say Goodbye…………..

No, not to me, but to team HTC Columbia

I credit Lance Armstrong with getting me “Into” Pro-Cycling but HTC Gripped me and gave me a passion for it, the teamwork, the ethics they have, the spirit, the charters , bar a few end of season classics, it’s all finished.

HTC’s last job in the Pro-Peleton was to give Mark Cavendish a warm up for the Worlds on Sunday by riding the 2011 Tour of Britain and boy did they do that, lets hope Cav finishes that job off.

It was far from just being about Cav fr me tho, there (was) Big George “Captain America” Hincapie, Tony “Panza-Wagon” Martin, Mark “Price Harry” Renshaw etc etc, all of whom were/are stars in their own right and all of whom battled tooth and nail to deliver to the Manx Missile to the line !

They will be missed, it looks like Cav is off to Team Sky, that, I suspect , means less wins, he can win without a Train but I suspect he’s become a little too used to one now TBH and with Wiggo in the team as well, he will need his lieutenants in the mountains (Tho, as I’m not a Wiggo fan, I’d drop him and sign everyone from HTC If I were David Brailsford as I just cant see Bradly WIggins EVER Winning a GT)

I see a couple of Big Teams have also merged, Radioshack & Leopard Trek to name the biggest, cycling is changing, I just hope it’s not at its detriment.

Finally, i’ll leave you with the end of the most AWESOME Cycling Film EVER, Chasing Legends – You need your sound turned RIGHT Up for this, its AMAZING !




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