Only 5% of people who were morbidly obese will keep the weight off, after non-surgical weight loss.

25 09 2011

ONLY 5%?????

Damn ………….. or, if you are reading this after the water-shed then……SHIT !!!!!

I posted about 6 months ago, saying I was feeling my weight loss results felt “Temporary” that I was on “Borrowed Time” Feeling like I was buying smaller clothes only to need to buy bigger ones as I wasnt able to sustain my (then) small size (for me) ….Fast forward by 6 months and I have lost more weight, wear smaller clothes and (I might have mentioned this) won another award 🙂

I no longer feel that I am on borrowed time, I have dropped, since then, to 13 stone and in recent times I have managed to stay there, without too many issues, I did get a little worried that it kept dropping but I *Think* I have the formula now , the most critical thing about that Formula is to not take my eye off the ball tho…..!

I have also started to take in a couple of protein bars a day, added with milk, that’s giving me over the recommended intake of 55 g’s per day, so that’s a small victory.

I know how much Clive LOVES that Jersey so I wore it JUST for him, it’s too big now, so will probs be the last time I wear it, as such, I went a little crazy with excitement :0)

It’s Fuel:

I’ve always said that food is the mortal enemy to me, this week, I have changed how I perceive it. Sure, that’s not helped me….YET !

On Sunday I set a pretty good time, I tore up a LOT of miles at 20+ Mph after climbs that I’d NEVER dream of doing, but in my mind, I have that niggle, “You have not fueled this engine, just think how good you can be WITH Fuel”

Half way through the ride I suffered a REAL nasty headache, a potential “bonk” when I read up about it (also, my tyre clipped the kerb edge on the final turn, maybe because of going too fast, maybe because of the “bonk”) , it took me a full 24 hours to shake it, it did mean that I wasnt 100% towards the end, yet I still managed a 1 mile average at over 23Mph, so food isn’t the enemy, it’s about to become my friend, I just need some help & guidance !

& in making a start, one MAJOR Issue I have is “Mixed foods” , eg, I like chocolate and nuts, but eating a bar with both in just freaks me out but the protein bars are like a chocolate with a crunchy biscuit in the middle, something I would never have done, just a few weeks ago, so I have made more progress with this in the last few months than the last 29 years but the truth is, that the steps I have taken are TEEN TINY Baby steps on a road that’s a hundred miles long !


A few more pictures of the awards night, I believe that some of the winning “local” award members get entered into the “Greater Manchester Sports Award” and I am aware that a few people have also nominated for the Manchester Be Proud 2011 award (the one I won in 2009) added to the potential of the Olympic Torch relay, it means that I *Might* become a busy boy and that Clive’s suggestion of a cabinet might indeed need to happen 🙂

Pride of Tameside award 2011 - MCFC Eastlands

As a Manchester United Fan, This was taken for Irony

Ironic !

Bruntwood Ellipse 2011:

A few more pictures I found on my Phone for your enjoyment !

bruntwood ellipse 2011

Bruntwood Ellipse 2011 Finish Line

After the Punctures

Comes the new tyres (and I removed the Specalized branding too, stops the chav’s) and I have also thrown on a rear mud guard as this is the “Winter” bike before the snow arrives (in about 4 weeks if “they” are to be believed)




6 responses

26 09 2011

Question for you Gaz, I take it from your comment you are measuring macronutrients, I’d be interested to know what’s your daily intake target for carbohydrate, protein and fat?

26 09 2011

I dont measure Carbs these days TBH

protein is to hit the 55g recomendation

and Fat is 85g’s a day


27 09 2011

I used to be one of those morbidly obese people as well, but I have been able to keep my weight off for 10 years now. You can’t keep your weight off just by changing your diet — it has to be a change of lifestyle as well. I don’t count calories (except when I am riding my bike); I just eat healthy foods and the weight seems to take care of itself.

27 09 2011

Way to go – let’s hope I can follow your lead then dude

10 10 2011

Don’t worry. Just keep your focus

10 10 2011

That’s the plan TBH

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