Bruntwood Ellipse Action Photo’s Of Gaz and Team

26 09 2011

Thanks to Bruntwood for providing these.


PS – Only a few days left to help us attempt to beat cancer

Typical Gaz, at the front of the peloton

Gaz and Tommo




12 responses

2 10 2011
James (Former Pro)

Gaz, this, for me, is what set’s you up as THE class leader in weight-loss, Just days after winning an award (Most people would have sat back and enjoyed it for a while) you went out there and pushed yourself harder than you ever have before & over a course that you never thought it would be something you could tackle and you finished with 14 miles of a blistering pace !

Gaz, keep it up, that Olympic Torch WILL be yours & I’m sure just days after that , you will be pushing even harder again !

2 10 2011

James, you are FAR too kind, Thank You !

2 10 2011

WOW, what a change !

PS Gary I assume you don’t normally wear a helmet by the looks of that strap !…..?

2 10 2011

Bingo, Got it in one LOL :0)

2 10 2011

Chapu !

3 10 2011

Thanks man

3 10 2011
Ben The Bloater

Erm, this is the most incredible thing I have ever seen, I am over 25 stone myself and was looking around at how to lose weight when I stumbled over your blog and press articles.

What bike would be ok for someone of my weight ?

How can I lose 12 stone in weight with just cycling though ?

I have so many questions – but I will stick with them for now, if thats ok ?

3 10 2011

Hi Ben

Congratulations in deciding to make the change man, life WILL get better from here on out!

Losing weight is a simple formula of eat less calories than your body uses up, check out the weight loss section at the top for 5 handy hints !

As for the bike, it’s something I get asked quite a lot, but at 25 stone you need to chose if you want a mtb or a road bike, my first road bike held me at approx 24stone and my first mtb held me at approx 34 stone , the next thing id need to know is budget, what’s yours ?

Come back and I’ll help you out buddy


3 10 2011
Ben The Bloater

Thanks – Budget is around £500, I’m not sure if I want a racing bike to be honest, well not yet anyway.

3 10 2011

At that price point I’d suggest a Hard-Tail MTB then , avoid Full Suspension.

How tall are you and i’ll look on eBay (I do love to buy bikes, especially when Im not paying LOL)

3 10 2011

I’m sorry, but you’re breaking “The Rules”. –

Rule #2 means that I have to inform you that you have broken rule #17, #36, #37. #82.

10 10 2011

Love it !

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