Gaz makes the Sport pages – More Media lined up, Details of last weeks CRAZY rides.

9 10 2011

Good Morning All, its been a CRAZY week here in 39 Stone Towers:

First up, British Cycling are lending all their amazing support to me in a bid to get me my “Olympic Dream

Then the CTC followed on and did the same, the result was that I  have had around 7k hits in the 3 days !…..CRAZY….!


Could this site become the “39 stone motorist” ? after debating about the cost of fuel vs the cost of public transport you might well think so, however, I dont have a driving License, in years gone by I didn’t have the confidence nor the ability to physically fit into a car to pass my test….While neither of them hold me back anymore, I think I enjoy my cycling and new life way too much :0)

Handing Over The Baton:

In an olympic themed update I want to wish Andy Hartley the VERY best of luck on his weight loss Journey , He is about to get on a bike in a bid to reduce his weight and follow in my foot-steps, I’ll let you know how he gets on.

The “Gary Brennan Foundation”

Like all slighly crazy people, I had an AMAZING Idea at about 2am today, keep an eye out on the tabs up top for more info.

BUT One of the reasons for my idea is that THIS photo has been clicked over 500 times in the last 3 days, that shows me that attitudes do need to be changed, from the top down.

I Was Too Fat For Even The Government To Compute !!!!

New Site Design:

Wadda think ? I love it :0)


This week I was told there was a printed story about myself, this shocked me as I didn’t recall doing an interview, despite that, it turned out pretty well I’d say.

Keep an eye out on this weeks Manchester Evening News, I did a pretty EPIC interview with them on Friday and I suspect that will turn out to be one of the best and most inspirational pieces to date, I also have a few more lined up for this week and a photo shoot on Monday

Told you it was getting CRAZY round here.

New Personal Best:

Friday night, despite this stinking cold, I was WELL in the mood for cycling, by the time I’d reached devils hill, i was averaging 18  mph  (the way home is ALL uphill) , on the way down I passed a geared roadie on my SS and KILLED it on the way up, the result was a 48 second climb, taking 11 seconds out of my PB, on a Friday, with a cold, on a Single Speed :0) Chuffed ….much ????

New Shirts:

Last year I got a new “Soccer-Ball” kit as a reward for being able to fit, however that QUICKLY become WAY too big.

So I’ve waited & waited and now I am wearing a medium & it was time to buy another.

Dont worry, I have shaved since then LOL

I’ve also found a new jumper too, just in time for winter, its something I didn’t even know I had TBH

ahh the works kitchen

Sky Ride Local:

For anyone wanting to take up cycling, there is still time to Join a Sky Ride Local

Click the Image for more info.

Check out my thoughts on them HERE:

Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013




16 responses

9 10 2011

Not a fan of the new design, wasn’t a fan of the old one either. But then I am a web designer so I’m rather picky about what i like 😛
Keep up the good work.

9 10 2011

LOL – Feel free to throw me a template then ;0)

9 10 2011
Peter Martin

ok ok so where did you get the banner that uses differing pics – highly jealous!

10 10 2011

Tis part of a free template dude

I’ll look up the name later

9 10 2011

No offence but you are right you SIMPLY WOULDNT Have FIT behind the wheel of a car before

Im sure you would be ok now though ?????

10 10 2011

None taken

& you’re right on both counts

9 10 2011

What is going on with the skyride banners all over the place now ? have British cycling finally giving you a job that you deserve ?

10 10 2011

If only !!!

No, they have helped me out re the Olympics – so now I’m paying it forward

Would be great to work for them tho

9 10 2011

You’ve blanked out the kids faces, but not the reflections with their faces in. Just thought I’d let you know.

10 10 2011


10 10 2011

Love that screen grab from the FSA and rather see a cycling jersey than Scum Utd 😉

10 10 2011

Scum ? How very dare you 😉

10 10 2011

You carry that torch with PRIDE PASSION and HONOUR Gaz – It can be only your’s mate.

10 10 2011

Cross EVERYTHING You have dude !

11 10 2011

I look forward to hearing more about Andy Hartley’s journey… I’m on that path myself and you’re story is inspiring!

11 10 2011

Good luck !!!!

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