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19 11 2011

Riding With A Pro-Cyclist

Last week, I got to ride a few miles with a pro cyclist, now, out of respect for his privacy  (& the fact he wasn’t permitted to ride this day due to an injury)  I wont say who it is, nor what the route was, so I’m sure some will disbelieve me but hey ho.

I was on my Single Speed, with a rucksack and baggy coat, he was on a Di2 Dura Ace Dogma, in full kit, we rode together for around 5  miles before he turned off and went for some SERIOUS hills, I , Sadly had to go to work.

BUT it was the proudest moment of my short cycling time on a bike, by the last mile, we were both REALLY turning the screw, it was uphill at an average of 4%, the result was a NEW PB for any single mile, regardless of bike.

For in that last mile, we averaged 26.4Mph, over an average gradient of 4%………WOW……

Not bad for a pro that shouldn’t have been out riding as he was ordered to rest because of injury and a former fat bloke on a Single Speed !

Movember Update:

Looking nicely  like a 1970’s Texas Serial Killer now !

I’m A Loser Baby !

I said a few weeks ago that I wanted my trophy back , well after receiving a HUGE amount of nominations, I was told this week that……..

I wasn’t even short listed, ah well, there is still the Olympics to aim for .


I have been posting less frequently in the last few weeks and that trend will continue for a short time longer too, for I have 3 REALLY critical exams, 2 of them have been passed and the 3rd is not very far away now, its taking up all my time, effort and energy, so don’t worry, I’m still here, still churning out the miles ( 300 miles so far in Movember), if all goes well then within a few weeks, normal service will be resumed, it’s at this time of the year, when miles decrease and food becomes plentiful that I always worry about my weight, I’m still just hovering under 12 stone 11 pounds & so long as I keep a CLOSE watch on things, I am hoping to get through this winter unscathed.


Am I Too Heavy For Bike XYZ ?

11 11 2011

This question gets asked here and  elsewhere on the internet so much that I thought I’d have a permanent reference to it.

In *MOST* Cases the answer is going to be NO, you are NOT too heavy, allow me to explane my path.

At over 35 stone or 490 Pounds Or 223Kg’s I rode this.

Yukon 08 - First Bike, This Started It All

It was TOTALLY standard, I would however suggest slick tyres for riding on road and TOTAL avoidance of Potholes and jumping off kerbs at that weight, I broke one spoke on the back wheel in about 1000 miles, due to smashing into a pothole (it was that or a bus)


At approx 28 stone, 390 Pounds or 177 KG, I moved onto 700’c wheels and a Hybrid.

Scott SUB

Again I was painfully anal not to hit pot holes etc, never suffered ANY issues at all and the bike was totally stock.


At approx 24 stone, 330 pounds or 150Kg, I moved onto a road bike, WITH STANDARD WHEELS.

While the back wheel did suffer issues, this was after around 3000 miles of DAILY riding in ALL conditions.


So there you have a ROUGH Guide as to weather or not you are too heavy for the bike you desire to help you lose weight on…..Good Luck !!!



Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

Goodbye Sun – Hello Arctic North

8 11 2011

While NOT QUITE at the conditions above !

It’s official – The Sun has set on yet another year of cycling, for this weekend I put away all my team kit and got out the thermals.

On Monday morning, boy was I glad I did. my Garmin said it was -0.3, I was dressed in:

Oxford “Chill-out” thermal base layer pants (With Lycra pants over)

My Thermal Astana Top

but the REAL gem I have discovered, is my merino wool base layer top, talk about keeping me toasty warm !!!

Last year, I was wearing upto 6 layers as I was THAT cold, while the temp last year did drop to Minus 15, I don’t feel that I’m gonna need so many this year due to my good quality base layers !

During long, hard, hot , summer training rides, I tend not to perspire much, check out what my merino base layer did in 9 miles at -0.3

The great thing being it “Wicked” away that sweat from me, leaving me  feeling warm, fresh and dry.

At £14.99 my base layer is cheaper than wearing 6 layers :0)

So for all of those who have heard about, but not tried merino wool , I say this, “Just Do IT”

Road Signs

During discussion with a colleague at work, it was decided, that there are a HUGE number of road signs on our roads currently , many redundant too, here is a comedy take on some of them.

Movember Update:

First off, Cancer, its a bitch and one day, this bitch is gonna get whats owed to it, having now discovered that not one but TWO family members are suffering with it, today I wake up to the news that ‘Smokin Joe Frazier has passed away after suffering from Liver Cancer !

So Fck you Cancer, Gaz and his army are coming for you !….Starting with making my face look  nice and stupid for Movember !


Be the first to sponsor me and I’ll give you a personal mention in the next blog post I write….now there’s a deal !



Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

The Goatee is GONE – Cancer Kick’in Is Here

4 11 2011

Bye Bye Goatee

Hello –  Cancer Kick’-in-Movember – Coming at a time when I have received news that a family member has been diagnosed with Cancer it’s focused my attention to the bitch that is Cancer, I have had this killer in my sights since I started to lose weight, all my fundraising has always been for cancer, now, while this fundraising is for Cancer Research UK, its personal (AGAIN) …… So PLEASE Dig Deep……Together, we will bring it down….

For those of you that are unaware Movember is the art of self degradation for a whole Month in order to raise awareness of and funds to beat, Cancer !





Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

It’s Movember Baby !!

2 11 2011

For the last couple of years I said I would “Officially ” do this, after all, I just LOVE “Kicking Cancer’s Ass”.

Yet I always forgot about it a huge thanks to Scott at work for reminding me this year

So stay tuned for updates on my facial and a donations page

Until then

Here is my first Movember picture


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