Am I Too Heavy For Bike XYZ ?

11 11 2011

This question gets asked here and  elsewhere on the internet so much that I thought I’d have a permanent reference to it.

In *MOST* Cases the answer is going to be NO, you are NOT too heavy, allow me to explane my path.

At over 35 stone or 490 Pounds Or 223Kg’s I rode this.

Yukon 08 - First Bike, This Started It All

It was TOTALLY standard, I would however suggest slick tyres for riding on road and TOTAL avoidance of Potholes and jumping off kerbs at that weight, I broke one spoke on the back wheel in about 1000 miles, due to smashing into a pothole (it was that or a bus)


At approx 28 stone, 390 Pounds or 177 KG, I moved onto 700’c wheels and a Hybrid.

Scott SUB

Again I was painfully anal not to hit pot holes etc, never suffered ANY issues at all and the bike was totally stock.


At approx 24 stone, 330 pounds or 150Kg, I moved onto a road bike, WITH STANDARD WHEELS.

While the back wheel did suffer issues, this was after around 3000 miles of DAILY riding in ALL conditions.


So there you have a ROUGH Guide as to weather or not you are too heavy for the bike you desire to help you lose weight on…..Good Luck !!!


Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013




3 responses

11 11 2011
Toby Field (@FatCycleRider)

I have been asked the same by some of my followers. I would echo your comments that wheels are the biggest threat as the frame etc should be up to the job. Wheels should be considered a consumable. The only other component that will take a lot of stress is the bottom bracket. I’ve also heard that full carbon seat posts have a weight limit of 17 stone.

11 11 2011

Good points well made there dude

Just to add, my Ribble was said to have had a full carbon seat post – tho I never checked if that was true or if it was a half and half – either way it held me :0)

1 08 2014

I started riding “again” about 10 months ago. At the time I was 23 and half stone, and riding a Trek 7200 hybrid. Since then I’ve lost almost 5 stone, and I started thinking about getting a road bike (I promised my self a new bike, if I met my goal of a loss of 6 stones). Looking at various bikes online, none of them give weight limits. (I have popped spokes on my hybrid at my heaviest, I didn’t want to go through that again.) I googled “am I to heavy for a road bike” and the first link up, was this page to your blog. This has become very useful in my search, and your blog has helped me remain motivated. Thanks, 🙂

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