Meet The Best Driving Instructor EVER !

4 12 2011


Meet Gary , no , not me, my instructor !

My first lesson was a real challenge as I couldn’t tell if he was addressing me or himself every time he said Gary …… In the end, I just called him son, I think he liked that :0)

Just to be clear, this is not a paid for advert , I didn’t get any free lessons in return for the promise of an advert , I am posting this as I do genuinely believe that this man is one of the best out there !..

My path followed like this

Lesson one – rough , challenging , much much work needed, but Gary knew what buttons of mine to press.

Lesson 2 – went so well that Gary refused to let me book lesson 3 until after I had passed my theory &hpt

Lesson 3 – after passing my theory I booked my practical – Gary had shown all the confidence and faith in me that I’d ever needed- I asked for lesson 3 to be a mock test – it wasn’t perfect but Gary again saw where I was falling short and pointed it all out

Test Day – you could say before my test I had a lesson ( as is standard practise ) but it was more of a case of 2 blokes driving round Stockport in rush hour pointing out all the bad drivers out there :0)

And with that- it was done !

So if your local to Manchester – want to learn in a car that’s REALLY easy to drive as well as amazingly comfortable .Plus an instructor that not only knows his stuff but is also a genuinely top bloke , then give Gary a call on 07806 782857, please mention my name when calling.

You WON’T regret it !!!!!




7 responses

9 12 2011
Brian Colborne

Hey Gary, I read your story, its the first time ive visited your blog! my name is Brian, I am 130KG.. gimme second working out pounds.. ok thats 286 pounds according to google, its really inspiring to hear your story, I also want to lose weight badly, I have been battling to find something I would enjoy doing and often end up using the excuse that i dont have any mates to work out with.. yet here i see you did it on your own, with simple things like cycling to work.. I also thought i was too heavy for bikes! so im going to get one thats right for me and start cycling cos I actually like it a lot. I put the link in here cos I have a mate, called Francis who is one of the best driving instructors in the Tallaght & Maynooth area in ireland.. he is very patient which is suprising as hes a frenchman settled in ireland for 13 years!
Do you have any tips to just get going with either cycling or another kind or workout, I always enjoyed cycling, but I have a crap road near me (truth be told i am terrified of riding that stretch as I almost have to hit cyclists because the road is so narrow) but perhaps i should get a bicycle hook and take my bike somewhere I can cycle in the woodland.

10 12 2011

Hey Brian

I would suggest finding somewhere that you feel ok with and just doing it, that way you can tell pretty quick if cycling is for you, it might not be, no 2 people are the same and we don’t always like the same things as others , so if you can beg/steal/borrow a bike (not steal of course) and let me know how you get on.

I ride without anyone else most of the time BUT for company I have music, maybe give that a try too ?

Either way, I wish you the best of luck, the hardest step is ALWAYS the first !

16 12 2011
Pete Nightingale

Chipping in,
Hi Brian,
maybe your local cycling group can come up with some suggestions? They may well have beginners / easy rides to get you going.


16 12 2011

There’s also sky ride too

16 12 2011

Just found sky ride (google can be your friend sometimes) i like the concept as it would provide moral support.. helps to be answerable, I need a new seat on my bike, (bought 2nd hand) and it keeps slipping down. wierd, i tightened it up real good too with strong force.. just wont stay up,, anyone got some experience with this? never had this years ago when I cycled more regularly..

16 12 2011

As a sky ride leader myself I’d have to say you would be made to feel very welcome and given all the support you need

Not sure about your saddle issues tho ?

26 12 2011
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