Sometimes I HATE Cycling – Sometimes I LOVE it – I’ll NEVER stop though.

10 12 2011

Yet another crazy week passes

My Olympic Dreams….

…Shattered, Olympic Gymnast Craig Heap once said to me with regard my chance of carrying the Torch “You will piss it Gaz”

Well this week I found out that I had NOT been selected, was pretty gutted at the time BUT my journey has won me more than being part of the Olympics, its “won” me my life back and that is worth SO MUCH MORE than anything else.

I Hate My Uncle….

…John, for I took him out on Monday and after 18 miles proceeded to get a puncture in BOTH wheels at the same time.

So the next day…


…I disowned him (well I CBA changing 2 tubes) and took my Single Speed……..Only to get a puncture in that too, was a HUGE bit of glass, then yesterday my car too had a puncture, maybe I was too harsh on Uncle John ?

Oh and to add insult to Injury Evans Cycles are now charging £8 for ONE Innertube….Edinburgh Cycles £3.99 !

Every day this week I have been soaked and battered by harsh winds, its been a real challenge but a fun one if truth be told.

Later on in the week I noticed a car holding back when he could have passed, I was holding 25Mph getting ready for a climb, just as we hit the hill he pulled along side and shouted “Very impressive mate, you were touching 25Mph all the way along that section” , I have no idea who that bloke was but I wanted to say thank you to him for giving me a much needed boost , in whats been a pretty challenging week all round.

It’s Almost Xmas

and from the window of one of the offices I work, on Friday we spotted some trumpet players, they were pretty good most of the time but they murdered “Fair tail of  New York” so much so that by the time they did it again, I had to record it. This time there wasnt as many bum notes but it was still as depressing at the start as ever.

Enjoy !




2 responses

11 12 2011
Keiron Curtis

Why are inner tubes getting so expensive?
I was surprised when I had to pay £4.99 in Halfords. Incredible doing 25mph, I can only manage that downhill.

12 12 2011

I have been used to them being £4.99 for a while but £7.99 just made me feel like I had been mugged TBH.

I was chuffed that a motorist noticed it as most just tend to floor it whenever they see a cyclists , regardless.

Made my month TBH

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