2011 – What Personal Goals Did I Achieved…

17 12 2011

….This isn’t my now customary look back over the year.

What it is, however, is a look back at what goals I have achieved over the course of 2011, with one eye on what my 2012 will become.

Why the random pic? Well the Spanish national team score lots of goals yeah ! so ………. (Oh and I have NEVER EVER Wore a soccer jersey so small)

So, what have I achieved ?

Lose 40 Pounds in 2011 – Done………In fact I SMASHED this one some time ago, Thanks Paul for the challenge !

Finish the Mottram Moor Climb in under 7 Mins (Current PB 8 Mins 22 Seconds)…..In Febuary I got this down to 5 Mins 22 seconds, In July I did it in 4 mins 58 seconds !

Weigh less than 200 Pounds DONE

Wear Medium Tops – DONE

Wear 15″ Collar Shirts – Done

Promote cycling and weight loss to a room of Morbidly Obese adults ….. In May I did a motivation  speaking  gig….more to come I feel.

Never gain more than 1 pound in a week in 2011 – Done …

Ride a roller coaster again …Done with style and gusto riding everything at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, something I’d not done BEFORE I was obese.

Fit in a size 34 pants DONE

Commute 250 Miles in 5 days………..Done but bloody HELL it HURT !

Get an average speed of over 20 MPH over a 10 Mile commute….Done JUST !!!!

Get my sprint speed to over 40 Mph (Current Best 36.8Mph) – Done 43.3 Mph June 2011

Ride Joel Lane at least once a week…….Done, now the icy is starting to appear I’m not risking that descent again now until the weather warms and the risk of ice goes.

If I don’t lose at least 2 Pounds in a single week I must wear THIS at least once the following week……….I did this until I wasnt safe losing that much weight.

Cycle 15000 Miles …..Done !

Cycle 20000 Miles………Im 4 miles away from this with 5 commutes left, Im calling DONE and this is pretty much the one that means the MOST !

Admit I have a eating disorder Done

Try something I really didn’t like, for a second time –   Done

Ride the Majority of the rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – DONE

Improve on my Quickest Normal Commute 17 mins 52 Seconds (Feb 2011)……… as of December 14th it now stands at 16 mins 51 seconds.


Wow, I wasn’t expecting that MANY of my personal goals to be met tbh, I thought I’d had a good all round year on the bike but I didn’t quite realize just how “Successful” I’d been, It’s just set up 2012 to be one HELL of a tasty year for some new goals.

Stay tuned for my year in review and last weeks (and next) ride reports, there is some good stuff planned for both !

Happy Holidays




5 responses

17 12 2011

Where is “cycling with a professional cyclist”? 😉

Seasons Greetings to you and family…

20 12 2011

Doh, I’ll update, thanks

and you too mate, all the very best.

20 12 2011
Pete Nightingale

Well done!
Some suggestions for 2012
Complete an Audax Award set

Get a decent MTB and do some real cycling!!!!!!

Best Regards

21 12 2011

Propa cycling ? 😉

3 01 2012
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