Let’s Make This The 2011 Xmas Number 1 !

21 12 2011

Watching programs on TV such as “Ross Kemp On The Front Line (Afghanistan) has given me a WHOLE new perspective on the armed forces and weather you agree with what they are doing or not, you cant help but respect and admire there courage.

So forget all the X-Factor bull-crap at this time of te year, lets work together to get a WORTHY number one this year.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/MWCAmazon

iTunes: http://bit.ly/MWCsingle


Wherever You Are’ is a moving love song written by Royal Wedding composer Paul Mealor for the choir to sing at The Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance. The music is set to a poem compiled from letters to and from the servicemen and their wives on a 6-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. It is the raw emotion of the song that has touched so many of the British public.

Order now:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/MWCAmazon
iTunes: http://bit.ly/MWCsingle
HMV: http://bit.ly/MWChmv
Play.com: http://bit.ly/MWCPlay
Universal Official Store: http://bit.ly/MWCUniversal

Official webpage: http://bit.ly/MWCOfficial
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/MWCfacebook
Twitter: http://bit.ly/MWCtwitter

Find out more about the wonderful charities we are supporting:
SSAFA: http://bit.ly/MWCssafa
British Legion: http://bit.ly/MWCbritlegion




6 responses

22 12 2011

Very nice. As an American military man who has worked closely with UK armed forces, I can tell you they are exceptional men and women whom you can be extraordinarily proud of, as I am certain you are.

22 12 2011

Sure as HELL am dude !

23 12 2011
Clive Chapman

As you know my old mate, I’m an ex squaddie having done 12 years in the Army. Indeed I still have friends and relatives serving, but I am starting to cringe at the incessant worshiping of the Military. Yes they do a hard job, one many wouldn’t want to do or could do and yes we should be very proud of them and honour them correctly for defending our freedoms. Including the freedom for me write this drivel, but for God’s sake, let’s rein it in a bit!

It seems every celeb is currently in the media saying the word “hero” to every person in the Queen’s uniform and it’s terribly trendy to “adopt” a serviceman!

I know speaking to my still serving mates they feel very uncomfortable at the current media inspired “wave of emotion” sweeping the country. To quote a very good friend of mine now a Squadron Sergeant Major in the Royal Signals he says it’s Un-British and where’s our Stiff Upper Lip gone? I agree with him and as for The Sun’s Military Awards…Oh Dear God!

As much as I love and respect them, we’re not Americans!

24 12 2011

Gotta admin mate as an ex squadie I was a bit shocked at your reaction , surely to more exposure the arms work gets the better? Even if you do think it’s a bit ” soft” 🙂

24 12 2011
Clive Chapman

There’s exposure and there’s exposure. We as a Nation are now celeb obsessed, touchy feely, idiots, everything is great and wonderful even when it’s patently not.

Every day, with nearly every newspaper atricle I read and every TV program I sit through there seems to be “An Emperors New clothes” thing going on with society in general. Not just with the military either, everything.

Every Squaddie isn’t a hero, every Veteran isn’t a hero. I’ve actually been called a hero at a rememberance service, I’m most certainly not. It’s embarrassing and unwelcome if well meant in a Pavlov’s Poodle kind of way. My Granddad in my opinion was a hero, he fought on the Somme in WW1, he very definately insisted he wasn’t a hero though.

When you read the press you are almost forced to into buying a poppy, or now the Military Wives recording (whose program I watched and enjoyed, Gareth Malone is a genius) and don’t you even dare objecting because you’re unpatriotic or disrespectiful to the lads and lasses serving! Whatever happened to choice? (I buy poppies and attend rememberence services btw).

i just wish those that have access to Public Opinion would calm down. We used to be a dignified, subtle and reserved people. The only place you’d see grief would be behind the closed curtain of the bereaved’s house. Now we’re wailing and generally making “a scene” at every opprtunity. It’s not good, it’s not dignified and it most certainly isn’t British. But it’s expected now and God forbid if you don’t wail DON’T YOU CARE??!!

The British Nation changed and not for the better when Princess Diana died in Paris. Why I don’t know, but there you have it.

24 12 2011

And breath :0)

I used to hide emotions – look what it did for me – I agree with you on the guilt and hero worship part ( lance is excluded tho) but not everything needed to be hidden – bit like lancing the boil of my disorder really

Anyways hope you can have a good Xmas in light of the shit your faced with – remember food isn’t the answer :0)

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