Meet My 30 Month Old & LiveSTRONG With Me !

15 01 2012

(This isnt what you think)

See 3 years ago I started to cycle & for the first 6-8 months, it was just that, cycling to lose weight, cycling to work, the bike was just, well, erm , a bike , in the comer of my living room no less.

Oh that hair, oh the SHAME of it.

Now, it was around this time, that I discovered what cycling REALLY meant to me, it started to enrich mylife , save my life and make me live for live.

I’d never really heard of a cancer survivor from Texas called Lance Armstrong but around the time this was taken, he announced his comeback, I was starting to  immerse myself in the cycling community and couldnt help but hear about it, in turn research it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Approx 30 months ago, I started to wear a LiveSTRONG Band, it’s the same one I have on today and I have NEVER EVER Removed it, it was there when a  van drive hit me, when I slipped off on ice, on the nervy comeback rides, throughout my job interviews, at my therapy , when I was smashing PB’s, achieving goals , I dont normally think like this, but that band saved my life, every time it got hard on the bike I  looked down and couldn’t help but get inspired by it to push on through the pain and suffering, all from a bi of yellow rubber.

I owe my life to LiveSTRONG, Lance Armstrong and Cycling, for that reason, my LiveSTRONG band will never get removed from me, regardless of any allegations




2 responses

17 01 2012

Your blog post is now going in the forum thread , ” Official Lance ” item #9790

17 01 2012

Thanks for the plug dude but how bitter are that lot? Wow !!!

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