Black Monday ? Not Really !

19 01 2012

Monday this week is considered “Black Monday” , the most depressing day of a new year.

But not for me.

It started at the weekend when I went for a new hair cut, undecided where to go, I plumped for somewhere I used to frequent, however, the last time I was there was when I was around 35 stone.

The upshot of this was that they had NO IDEA who I was, so I played a little game with them before revealing my true identity, the looks, stunned silence, before a myriad of questions was simply amazing, felt like a rock star.

Black Monday

Was here, I was to drive to Birmingham for a meeting, now, if you’re American, then driving a round trip of 200 miles is nothing, however, as I only passed my test a few weeks ago, this was a biggie for me, I recall being scared to cycle too far from home, its like I’m growing up into a proper-big-boy now šŸ™‚

After arriving in Brum safe and sound I parked in the “World” ? Famous “Car Crusher Car Park”

It’s basically a car park (Really Gaz, Really ?) with crushed cars for an entrance.

Now, I’m not permitted to talk about the meeting at this stage, let’s just say, that all being well, you will see a lot more & at the same time, a lot LESS of me soon.

Once again, I felt like the world was my stage, For now, that’s all I can say,Ā  I will reveal more as and when I can, Black Monday was, for me anyway, by far and away the best day of the year !




5 responses

19 01 2012
jason chapman

Sounds like it could be very good news for you Gaz, ‘I think I’ve half an Idea at what it might be’. I hope I’m right šŸ˜‰

20 01 2012

Really God Site Mate!

20 01 2012
Clive Chapman

Give me a shout when you’re you’re here next mate & we’ll meet up.

I’m no relation to Jason above BTW!

20 01 2012

Alright, I’m hooked, what’s going on?

22 01 2012

I enjoy a good mystery. The game is afoot!

And yes, Americans will drive 200 miles for a good pizza and think little of it. That’s only a SLIGHT exageration!

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