Time to go Trek(Ing)….It’s STILL Game Time.

12 02 2012

Over the last few weeks, I have been looking to replace my Sunday best, with something a little more ME

The “Dogma” while nice, wasnt all it seemed

This, however,IS

It might not be this years model, but it sure is special

Yup, a genuine Trek Madone, after lusting after one forEVER I now have one.

It came with an older Ultegra Groupset, I have now put my 2011 Model off the Pinarello onto it, its AMAZING 🙂

The Game

Well, I know I said I’d have said more by now but these things are taking a little bit more of my time than I thought, what the result of the game will mean is that I cant Ride my Madone for some time and I might even miss this years Manchester to Blackpool but that for the events/races at the end of 2012, i’ll “kill it”

Part of the "Game"

and as a final clue, next week will see me return to Birmingham.


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