Time to go Trek(Ing)….It’s STILL Game Time.

12 02 2012

Over the last few weeks, I have been looking to replace my Sunday best, with something a little more ME

The “Dogma” while nice, wasnt all it seemed

This, however,IS

It might not be this years model, but it sure is special

Yup, a genuine Trek Madone, after lusting after one forEVER I now have one.

It came with an older Ultegra Groupset, I have now put my 2011 Model off the Pinarello onto it, its AMAZING 🙂

The Game

Well, I know I said I’d have said more by now but these things are taking a little bit more of my time than I thought, what the result of the game will mean is that I cant Ride my Madone for some time and I might even miss this years Manchester to Blackpool but that for the events/races at the end of 2012, i’ll “kill it”

Part of the "Game"

and as a final clue, next week will see me return to Birmingham.




12 responses

12 02 2012

Just wondered what you are up to in Birmingham. It is where I live.

12 02 2012

Welcome to the Madone club, my brother! Prepare for greatness.

15 02 2012

I can’t wait and with a big reveal round the coner my climbing should go into the stratosphere

12 02 2012

Nice bike make, but its missing quite a few spokes!!

15 02 2012


I’ll not be using them wheels

13 02 2012

Hi Gary,

Can’t think what you are doing but it sounds great – good luck in all of it!



13 02 2012
Gareth Rowbotham (@curesam)

That is one nice looking Madone. I am still in you’re former club – the “lusting after a Trek Madone club”.

Let’s have some details then please… Age, spec, size, cost etc…!!!

15 02 2012

All in good time Young one

13 02 2012

Hi Gary

This guy is great, i wish people would read his blog more and then England would be better off. Less money on hospital bills more money spending on healthly eating, teaching in schools. Well done to this guy.

Bye for now


17 02 2012
Mark Morris

Got my Madone 4.5 last year. Congrats, you are going to love riding yours!

23 02 2012
Lisa Eirene

I really enjoy your posts. You look fantastic!

21 03 2012

your are an inspiration to all of us.

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