Who Missed It? Here is my TV Slot. Thanks to ITV, Century TV & YouTube.

27 09 2012

Some of you missed it, some because you are not in the UK and thus, couldn’t watch it anyway. So, like the post man, I always deliver.

Thanks to ITV and Century TV for allowing me to add it to youtube and here on the 39 stone cyclists blog, here is my tv interview about weight loss and cycling.


Enjoy? Let me know your thoughts.

A couple of random bits to add, I have been talking on a micro blogging, tweet related site about a #teamgaz idea I have, if you have lost weight cycling and want to be part of a new team that I am trying to get approval from British cycling for, you need to be able to average at least 19mph in a group over 50 miles AND have lost a good chunk of weight cycling.

and for those at the start of the journey, I am looking at a Challenge Gaz sportive, whereby you race me, I get a time handicap for the amount of weight difference between us  and then we go hell for leather over 52 miles (I was 39 stone, plus 13 that I am now, is 52 miles) again, its in its early stages but if this is something for you, then let me know.



Ride Safe


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