Lance Armstong

25 10 2012

So, I sit here, late night, kids are sleeping, the TV turned off, looking forward to not having a crazy early morning tomorrow and I think about Lance, see a lot of people who follow me on Twitter have asked for my reaction to the case and frankly I have not been able to give one, for anyone who knows me, knows what is going on in my private life is way bigger than anything else in that is going on with a pro sportsman.

But I’ve time here to sit and think

and frankly I think this :

LANCE ARMSTONG Is still and always will be a LEGEND

Yes, it does appear he was a doper along with a lot of people that were in his teams etc

But the statements all  stink IMHO, according to most, all the doping stopped in 2006 when Lance retired, but we know thats FAR from true, ex Doper David Miller was quoted as saying “the speed of the peloton now, is much higher than the dopers days” that doesn’t prove anything of course.


Too many people have sold out, most with a “Reason” to as well.

Then we look at the fact that my GC riders in the “Lance ” years were doped up too

Then we look at the bands for Alberto, Frank (Schleck)

Yadda Yadda Yadda


Yes Lance doped, but


Lance inspired me to become a cyclist and save my life, for my kids

Lance has raised money for Cancer

Lance has raised the profile of cycling

Lance has raised awareness of cancer

Lance was still a dead man walking, who came back and won 7 TdF titles , while all his main rivals were doped too

Lance looks good in yellow

So…Thats my take, I know a lot wont like it or think im deluded but without Lance, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, I wouldnt , so Lance Armstong, LiveSTONG , you sir are a LEGEND !!!!!!!!




27 responses

26 10 2012

Wouldn’t disagree with this, probably one of the more sensible comments

26 10 2012

Cheers man

26 10 2012

Excellent post! I still believe in Lance Armstrong and always will!

26 10 2012

Here here

26 10 2012
Matthew Cravitz

I so agree. If all the top cyclists were doping then either Lance had a better chemist or he is still the best of the best that we believe him to be. I believe his silence on the matter to be far more dignified than entering a mud slinging war of words.

26 10 2012

Agreed 100%

26 10 2012
Jason Chapman

Ditto…..hope all is well considering recent events…

26 10 2012

I’m fighting on mate, you know I’ve a strong spirit

26 10 2012
Peter Martin

It would appear that everyone else of the era (of note) was doping too and so it was a level playing field. Remove the dope and Lance would still have been the best. End of….

26 10 2012

Is how I’ve always looked at this day in the past, he still had cancer, he still won the your after it, and he doped like his rivals…. Lance therefore is still a legend

26 10 2012
Skippy Mc Carthy

So that more can get their story out to the Public , i would ask that you sign on and askl your readers to do likewise :

Too many of the Pro Racers chose to compete on the ” Unlevel playing field ” and are now teaching , coaching and Inspiring the Next Generation ! Better they were able to reveal their past so that OTHERS do not have to ” WALK in their FOOTSTEPS “!

26 10 2012

I’ll add to to the latest nks page when I can

26 10 2012

The level playing field argument is completely flawed on so many levels, it wasnt a level playing field. The drugs affect people in different ways, the winner on the day was always the person whos body had the best reaction to the countless drugs they were taking.

Also money played a huge part in it, the wealthier teams had the most expensive doctors and the cutting edge doping products and equipments and always stayed one step ahead of e UCI and that doesnt exactly seem hard given the evidence that is now coming out.

He inspired you to take up cycling which in turn saved your life and for that i can see you regard him as a legend and no-one an take that away, he also inspired me to do the same.

His charity work and foundation is immense and something to be proud of but sadly built on a reputation and legacy of cheating and lies.

He won 7 TdF titles in the same way that Ben Johnson won gold in the Olympics, to put it another way, he didnt win, he cheated.

I can totally see where you are coming from with your opinion but i cant help but feel totally let down by the man.

4 11 2012

You answered your own comment, there can never be a level playing field in anything. One athlete will always have a better natural ability than the rest, or had a better conditioning regime etc.. Should there only be competition between dopplegangers that result in dead heats? I think our friend here is correct, Lance Armstrong still is a legend, because he undoubtedly was the best of his era, albeit in a doping culture.

26 10 2012

I very much agree with this, and is essentially exactly what I’ve been saying.

That said, I would love to hear your thoughts on my article:

26 10 2012

It doesn’t matter that they were all doped. They’re still all cheats. Lance has done nothing for the sport apart from tarnish it by being not only a cheat but a bully. Read the USADA report, the bullying is horrible and shows how much of an awful person he was, frankly he deserves everything he gets.

Cheats should be treated as such and expelled from the sport. Lance has destroyed 7 years of the biggest bike race in the world and that is a horrible shame. Anything he did to raise the profile of cycling has been set back because he won’t confess. He’s lied through his teeth to all of us and had the nerve to violently attack those who dared question him.

His charity can be brought into question too, his spending is awkward at best. Livestrong is most definitely not a revelation in cancer treatment. His ideas that you can beat cancer simply by trying is quite patronising too. Want to support a cancer charity? Cancer research and Macmillan cancer care are the ones doing the work.

He did not win 7 Tour de Frances. He cheated his way to the top spot and ultimately, has not won them. He’s put his team mates of the time into financial difficulty and doesn’t even care enough to release a statement or even admit to what he did.

Just because everyone else was doing it does not mean it’s okay. Thousands of people shoplift every day but it’s still illegal and most definitely not okay. Doping in sport is illegal and Lance is a criminal.

Lance has cast a large, dark and black era over the sport that I love and that, is unforgivable.

26 10 2012

Anyone who claims to “love” pro cycling and says LA has ruined it or cast a dark era over it truly knows nothing about the sport they claim to love. Read about the dopers in 1950’s TDF’s, or the cyclists who fought to legalize doping in pro cycling. Read about the myriad of other “bullies” of the LA era — team owners (the guys writing the freaking checks!) — firing cyclists for not doping.

What LA did was wrong. But anyone who thinks he did something worse than the others is blind. LA is simply the most famous. Because he won the most and because he was a cowboy. The world loves cowboys.

I have yet to hear one single pro cyclist from that era (or the eras before or since) say that LA didn’t truly win those races. Because they know — they know the extent of the doping. And more importantly, they know how and why the dope affects the rider and the ride.

And I have yet to hear anyone bash LiveStrong who has had first-hand experience with them. I laugh at those who make the argument that because they don’t fund cancer research they are somehow a lesser organization. LA started LiveStrong. If he paid himself for it, is that worse than the CEO of Susan Koman who’s paid nearly 7 figures a year DIRECTLY from donations??? And let’s not even talk about the “selling” of mammograms, etc.

I have first-hand experience with LiveStrong. When two family members were diagnosed with cancer, I called and they answered and they made our lives and our cancer fight 100 times better than it would have been. If I’d called a cancer research center would I have gotten the same help and compassion? Not a chance.

And I’ll leave you with these two facts: 1) cancer research is one of the single most corrupt charitable entities on the planet. Spend a little time researching that and you’ll see. And 2) LiveStrong never once claimed to be about cancer research. They were and are about something no one else was doing at the time, and to this day, no one does as well — helping people ALREADY WITH CANCER deal with it.

I don’t mind people having differing opinions, but they just embarrass themselves when they have UNinformed opinions.

27 10 2012

You’re missing the point in the first paragraph. Those in the 1950’s weren’t doping because it wasn’t illegal at that time. They weren’t even cheating because the use of substances wasn’t banned until 1965. Those who fought to legalize did not know any better, it had been a part of their sport since they were juniors. Lance had nearly half a century of poor decisions, mistakes and morals, not to mention world wide banning of all the substances he used to learn from and he still made the wrong decision. Your point about bullying annoys me too. Just because others did it, doesn’t mean it’s okay.Lance was also far worse at it, threatening people’s wives is not welcome in any sport or any circumstance.

He did do something worse. He lied for many many years and corrupted a sporting body so he could continue those lies. The others hurt for the sport for small amounts of time, we are still feeling the ramifications of Lance’s actions. Who cares about what the other cheaters and liars of his era think? Everyone reacts differently to the substances, some get more benefit then others so why should that mean Lance is a rightful winner?

It’s not his wages that are the problem, everyone needs to live and I don’t have a problem with him having a wage.. It’s his additional expenditure. 20 Million on flights, not just for him, springs to mind. I never said it was a lesser charity because they don’t fund research. I said there are better charities and name Cancer Research.

I’m sorry to hear that and I’m glad they helped you in that time, I did not slate their services, simply their questionable expenditure and Lance’s patronising attitude to the illness. I’m sure the experts working for the charity are great and extremely helpful.

While I agree that it is, I’m sure that you’d agree with me when I say that it needs to be cleaned up? Livestrong is arguably the worse when it comes to their expenditure. Maybe you ought to research that a little bit. Macmillan, who are one of the biggest charities for cancer support in many forms (Medical, guidance, financial and emotional) have been around since 1911.

None of my opinions are uninformed. I’ve been silent on the whole Lance matter for years until the USADA report was released and I could judge the facts for what they were. Lance has not come out of this well and his refusal to even release a statement is horrendous. I realise the Lance fans will never come to think of him as a cheat but it’s good that the rest of us have over 200 pages of evidence, should our minds have any doubt left.

28 10 2012

Thank you for making my point.

29 10 2012

Seeing as I can’t reply to your other post;

What do you even mean by ‘your point’? You don’t really have a point. Where are my opinions uninformed?

27 10 2012
Jason Chapman

Gaz I dont know if youve soted out your situation regarding being bikeless at the moment but I can lend you a hardtail mountain bike if you want. I only live over in Marsden and really dont mind popping over with it if it would help you out.

28 10 2012

Thanks Jason but thanks to c2w I’ve now got a caadx, still living off the grid in Yorkshire but slowly rebuilding

Thanks again mate

29 10 2012
adam samuel


There are of course two sides to every story and although the overwhelming evidence points towards him doping, in many peoples eyes he is still a hero and still achieved some great feats.

I hope in the end if he is guilty, he has the balls to stand up and be counted. Otherwise if he is innocent that he can hold his head high and move on.

Great blog and story btw…would you be interested in being interviewed?



29 10 2012

Cheers Adam

The lance Armstrong saga brings out the worst in people when it’s up for debate, hence why I waited and I’ve stepped back for now in the comments

A measured response will come tho

Yeah sure, email me at and we can work something out


3 11 2012

Lance Armstrong irrespective of the accusations regarding doping is a nasty piece of work. His and his team’s treatment of Filippo Simeoni was an absolute disgrace. Read Filippo’s usada statement at the following URL, watch the videos on YouTube telling Filippo to zipp his lips and spitting at him. This is not the action of a nice or decent person.

Armstrong regulary charges Cancer Charitys money to appear which goes into his own pocket, if he cared so much about fighting cancer why charge cancer charity at all, its not like he needs the money. When he spoke at the inaugural Pelotonia cancer ride in Columbus, Ohio, in August 2009, he charged the startup charity his usual $200,000 speaking fee.
A vast amount of Livestrong money goes to promoting the organization and Armstrong, its used as a smoke screen… they present the image of someone doing good and then say how can you suggest this good guy doped, and is a scumbag. We now know both are true.

Where does the livestrong money go.

26 10 2013

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as
long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors
would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here.
Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks!

26 10 2013

As long as you do as stated then I’ve absolutely no problems at all mate

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