Selective Eating Disorder Update.

2 11 2012

Evening All.

I wanted to cover over a few details, about SED, I have posted before, but as I am now winning this, my final battle, I wanted to cover off somethings again.

“Also known as perseverative feeding disorder, or picky/fussy eating, Selective Eating Disorder is expressed in an aversion to certain foods, leaving a narrow range of foods deemed acceptable (usually 10 foods or less), and an extreme refusal to try new foods”

For me, it was MUCH worse, for all I has eaten was crisps, haribo type sweets and chocolate…. THAT was it, no wonder I was 40 stone you say ? I agree , but, how did I lose what I lost eating that ?

Truth be told, it wasn’t that difficult  , I just ensured I took in less calories than I used.

But , there is a flip side, I didn’t really have a social life, sure my kids got to go to pizza hut etc, but it was always awkward , sitting there, not eating, Xmas dinner was always a NIGHTMARE !

So, my diet had to be fixed, for a better social life and for a better future, for me and my kids, for my diet wasn’t conducive to a long life if the truth be told.

……It was never about the food, if I was to get fixed, but it was about the “issues” in my life, for all eating disorders are in the mind and nowhere else.

See, when trying a new food, almost made you breakdown, when most people wouldnt even think twice about, was a huge thing to get over, but you need the right support, the right help, no one can beat an eating disorder in an “Unhealthy Environment” I cant say more at this stage.

Now Im not in that place anymore and I have AMAZING support, Let me update you where I am.

After 25 plus years eating “Crap” I am now a week down the line from totally cutting myself off from crisps , here are the details.

So I have eaten ZERO Crips in pretty much 7 days now, have I missed them ? NOT at all….I feel fuller on much less calories , eating hot food is a new ball game and one that I am totally loving.

But another , unexpected bonus to this is that I can now go shopping and no longer I am stuck to the crisp isle, frozen with fear from going elsewhere, I wander round, looking at all the new stuff I can try , something just tonight was Garlic Bread, at the recommendation of someone who has been an utter utter rock, I cooked it myself, after cooking stuff for others and you know what, I loved it so much, I had a couple more slices fly into the oven.

I didnt even frequent the crisp isle this evening either.

Another bonus is not being ashamed at the till, of having shopping filled with “Snacks” and thus trying to get out ASAP before the cashier makes an “innocent comment”, sure its not a picture of health, but its a darn sight better than ever before and will, in time, only get better, as a point in question I pick up some bananas , water and other fruit the other day.


Public Eating:

Public eating for people with SED is also a huge issue, well, this week, I nailed that too, for me and my sister rocked up to a FULL KFC and enjoyed ourselves

 Book Title…

How about “The Re-Building Of Man” it would cover weight gain, weight loss, becoming a cyclist and of course me beating my eating disorder , or do you guys have any further ideas?

Cycling Update:

It’s been 3 weeks now since I last cycled, I feel like I have lost fitness, but there are bigger fights to win right now than fitness, I do intend to enter a national race in the new year, so will need to get back on it soon, but now I have a handle on my eating, its not something I need to worry about, if I dont get back on it, i’ll miss the race, but it wont cause me any issues with my weight, so its not an issue, this blog is the 39 stone cyclist though and I still fully intend to still be the man I was , only now, a much better version !!!!








6 responses

5 11 2012
Conor McHugh

Dude, that’s amazing. Congratulations and keep it up. Although, it’s probably best that if you’re going to expand your eating habits, it expands beyond KFC and Pizza Hut! That’s what got me to 18.5 stone! Now down to 15.5 since I gave up living on pizza!

6 11 2012

Very happy for you…may I please suggest running to maintain your fitness until your cycling situation works itself out? As you know, it’s great to maintain your weight, but you need to maintain all the strength and endurance you’ve earned from cycling as well.

4 12 2012

I’ve just stumbled upon this blog when researching SED and to hear how well you are doing is very inspiring and gives me hope.Do you have any advice on how you started introducing new foods-my boyfriend has SED and is limited to cheese sandwiches and crisps,I’m so worried about how this is affecting his health but don’t know what can help-I’ve read hypnotherapy and NLP are an option,did you use any of these?Thanks in advance!

4 12 2012

I’ve had all types of medical intervention

It never ever worked

All I needed was an arm around me telling me that it was ok to be scared, that there was no brush and that they knew I’d nail it

And from that moment on, just 8 weeks ago, my sed of 28 years us nothing but a distant memory now.

It’s not easy, but once the supoot is there and the first step is taken, it’s like an avalanche

Feel free to contact me directly if you want more info or your partner wants to talk to another male who’s been there

Just leave a comment with your email address in it


11 12 2012

Thanks very much for that Gaz. I think it would be really helpful for my boyfriend to speak to another male who has gone through it, it is only very recently that we both realised there was a name for it, until recently he thought it was just him.My email address is Thanks again – it’s been so helpful, reassuring and inspiring reading your blog.

14 12 2012

Sorry for the delay, been busy what with Xmas shopping and work

Just sent you an email, hope I can help him


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