So, how do you lose 26 stone on a diet of high calorie and fat “snacks”

1 12 2012

Before we go any further, this isn’t a guide, I don’t want anyone with an eating disorder to follow my footsteps, this is not a healthy eating plan or an easy way to lose weight, quite the opposite this isn’t safe, isn’t healthy and it isn’t easy to lose weight this way. If you are suffering from selective eating disorder and wish to lose weight, please please tackle your eating disorder first, either with the help of the medical profession or fee free to drop me a comment with your email address and it try and help, I’m nt a professional, but I’ve been there and seen what recovering means and it’s worth the fight.

So, how do you lose 26 stone on a diet of the following



Wellllllll, it wasn’t easy, at all, I’d go as far as saying that mentally, it was torture at points See the food I ate, was all high calorie, high fat, high sugar and low in everything actually good, so I needed to take in more kcals to simply function.

hence 39stone.

But something had to change,

I wasn’t sure how, but I found a way, during the week when I was allowed on the bike to get to and from work, I’d eat as little as 1500cals, but simply having just one “meal”typically in the evening, this required a huge huge amount of mental strength and ultimately suffering.

At the weekends, it was rare (a handful of times per year) to get a pass out for rides, so right out of the box there was an issue, I had less calories to consume because of the lack of exercise, plus mentally, my mind wanted to catch up on the 3 meals a day that it wants.

So it became a battle.

Monday – Friday ; lose as much weight as I could.

Saturday & Sunday :try not to gain more than I’d lost during the week

And for the most part, it worked Damn well, physically, the results speak for themselves, but mentally, on Longer rides I suffered, as did I on long weekends etc I never gave in, believing I was going to get cured, I never knew how, why, where or when. So that’s basically how I lost my weight, on the bad diet I’d be forced into because of my selective eating disorder . It’s not something you should ever copy, not would I want you to.


Now I have a proper healthy, balanced diet I am finding weight control a doddle, there has been very little cycling and lots of meat and salad, weight wise I’m the same as before, but health wise, I’m flying, plus I am loving new discoveries, trying new food without a second thought, cooking from around the world, amazing!!!!


The next revolution is the REAL reason I didn’t have a gastric bypass, it’s not why you’d think or ever expect, my story has a million (maybe not a actual miion) more twists and turns before its over, enjoy the ride folkes.

SELECTIVE EATING DISORDER (SED) – THE FACTS SED is also known as picky eating, fussy eating, food phobia, selective eating, or Perseverative Feeding Disorder. It starts in childhood or early adolescence and the most common cause of SED is a development of extra sensitive taste sensation, which is caused by an increase in fungiform papilla – taste buds – throughout childhood. Typically the food preferred by an SED sufferer are ‘comfort foods’ – bland and refined foods, high in carbohydrates – such as pizza, cheese and chips, often from particular brands or food outlets. The types of food will be restricted to ten or less with extreme cases only eating one or two types of food.SED sufferers can get psychiatric help such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other treatments….




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3 12 2012

Thanks Gaz.
So what does 1500cals of crisps and chocolates look like? I can’t imagine it’d be very much at all, especially for a 39 stone body. It must have been hell!

3 12 2012

It looks like 2 big “sharing bags” and a bar or 2

It was tough.. Real tough

8 12 2012

I guess this diet is similar to what they call the “Junk Food diet”. Based on what I have read, you did have some positive results which is losing weight. But I really don’t like the idea of eating unhealthy foods to lose weight. Sooner or later, there will be setbacks. I’m just hoping you won’t have one.

8 12 2012

It’s not my diet, it was my eating disorder

I’m now eating healthy

It hindered my weight loss not helped

3 02 2013

Hey man. I have the same thing. Care tovleave some tips to conquer this very annoying and socially killing disorder?

30 05 2014

How did you beat SED?? Help please 🙂

14 06 2014

Honestly ???

I simply had GENUINE support for the first time in my adult life

Once I had that, thge confidence grew and it was only a matter of weeks before I hit a home run, im almost 18 months in and have never ever had a wobble !!!

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