My Time Working on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies : The Surgery,Filming,Recovery : Part 1/4.

7 01 2013


It was way back almost 2 years ago now, when I sent off my application, after getting a fair bit of help from a good friend, to be on the channel 4 tv show, Embarrassing Body’s , I had this dream that they would fix everything, in reality, needing a “Full body lift” that was never going to happen.

But Maverick TV saw my application and took a shine to my story, this would end, 9 months ago, with me getting the excess skin removed in my 2 most problematic area’s  , my stomach and my pubic area.

“Audition” Time

Back in January I was called to Birmingham and a series of posts began, called “The Game”

Clue number one was this picture of me sat in-front of a BAFTA given to Maverick TV

See the BAFTA Now ?

That was the day that was going to change my life, forever !

As me and the crew wandered over to the actual Embarrassing Body’s studio, it was a FREEZING cold January Lunch time , I’d driven the 100 miles from home, alone, despite just passing my driving test weeks prior, the time for my life to change, was now.

As we entered the studio I was amazed at how big the place was, it was also FREEZING cold inside, the crew told me they were unable to put the heating on as they were not producing a show, it was about minus 5 and I was about to get my kit off, in front of a camera, awkward !!!!!!!

The first part was fun and relaxed, I chatted to the camera, on the actual green sofa on the actual set and felt very very relaxed.

In the “Dressing Room” Getting Ready for the second part of the audition.

The second part, was showing off the issues I had and in fairness the crew made that quite relaxed too.

Now it was a case of submitting the tapes to Channel 4 and waiting.

Pretty soon the call came that C4 had accepted me and I was given the details of who would become my surgeon.

A few weeks later I was off to “The Spire Murrayfield, Wirral”  hospital to meet the most amazing Surgeon ever, Mr Ali Juma

Clue Number 2, Me at the hospital

Not long after meeting Mr Juma, it was confirmed what work he could carry out and that the hospital too, were also happy to allow this, it was then time for me to head back to Birmingham to meet the “Tv Doctor”.

The third and final clue was this

A clue you wouldn’t get until after the TV Show airs, for that was the shirt I was wearing.

Filming and the Doc

Filming at the EB Clinic  was a LONG and SLOW process but at no point did it feel like a drag or a pain, I was loving every second of it to be honest, the crew were a great laugh and the doctor, Dr Pixie , was also a pleasure to work with.

Gaz & Dr Pixie, “I’d Have My Coat On Too, If I were In a Dressing Gown”

The next bit of filming was done with the Surgeon, Mr Juma was fun both on and off camera and always retained the Patient-Dr manner, reminding me that the cameras didn’t matter, only my welfair did.

There was then a little more filming of the “Back Story”, this is where I got to get filmed cycling, how cool is that? (But im guessing, you’ve seen that on tv by now)

and also playing with my kids in the park and taking my fat friend with me.

My fat friend and me, the camera crew and a park, dodging the rain, welcome to Manchester

That filming was done 4 days before the surgery, on a busy Saturday afternoon in the park, it was amazing how many people stopped and watched or asked questions.

To be continued, This is part 1 of 4…..There’s a lot more to come. ….!




10 responses

7 01 2013

You are a very brave and inspirational man. Well done for all that you have achieved and for being brave enough to bear body and soul for all and sundry.

7 01 2013

Just saw you on embarrassing bodies and rushed right here! I’ve been following your blog for a while and was excited to see you on TV. I know must get this a lot, but you’re a huge inspiration. I’m only 3 months into getting ship shape but I’ve already lost 2 stone. Maybe I’ll see you on a ride one day 🙂

7 01 2013
mike waller

just watched, very inspirational, i weigh 20 stone and 5 days into my weight loss journey. thanks gaz hope 2013 is a good one for you

8 01 2013

Thanks dude
Good luck

7 01 2013
Jon Bleackley

Well done Gaz. I thought you came across really well pal, you’re a natural in front of the camera.
You’re also one brave and inspirational dude 🙂
All the very best pal, take care.
Jon (CC’er)

8 01 2013

Thanks Jon mate, your a true gent and friend buddy

Get on a #teamgaz ride this year mate :0)

8 01 2013

Gaz, you have done so well, and the episode on Embarrassing Bodies was an eye opener. How well you look now! What an inspiration to us all out there struggling to lose!

26 02 2013

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26 02 2013

how about you offer me the surgery and I chronicle the experience on here, ala the Embarrassing Bodies post’s :0)

18 10 2014
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