My Time Working on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Body’s: The Surgery,Filming,Recovery : Part 2/4.

8 01 2013

Soon the day was here, I worked the day prior to surgery and thought that cycling home would be one of those days where I really put myself into the red, in order to deal with the building emotions, but I didn’t, I set a fast time but never really pushed, I made sure I got a good time but I never pushed until it hurt, there was a calm in the air.

With that, I got home, had a nice relaxing bath and attempted to settle my nerves, ironically, the night before the surgery, the new series of Embarrassing Body’s aired, so I watched that and with a 4am get up, I drifted off to sleep, I wasnt the same person I was before my theory test, who did everything to rid himself of emotions, no, I’m once again changed, I know that we are human, we have emotions and they are these for a reason, dont hide or regress them and you will be ok.

The morning of the surgery was REAL FOGGY, so bas, i’d never seen it like that in my life, never mind drove in it. It was a welcome distraction to be honest.

Once there I was booked into Room 39 (for the former 39 stone cyclist, how cool) , there was little to stop the whirlwind of efficiency  , seldom seen on the NHS, that the staff at the spire offered.

With a flash, it was all done, I was in the gown and stockings.

Diggin it Gaz

Maverick Tv arrived, there was some filming done of me and Mr Juma and me waiting around, cycling mag in hand, of course :0)

Then the long walk to theatre, again this was filmed, from a couple of angles and Maverick then stepped back while the show started, I was stood next to the trolly and happened to look down on to the table I can remember thinking “Shit, so many needles, it looks like death row”  , as I lay down, I think with that thought my pulse raced as a nurse got hold of my hand,

I recall thinking “Oh thats cold in my arm”

The next thing, it was 8 hours later and it was all done.

I was in recovery talking about how the Unicorns had been playing with me in the pot of gold near the rainbow, I then saw the crew walking away and asked the nurse to make sure they don’t steal my bike 🙂

I felt pretty much ok in recovery, just chilling and chatting (Crap) but then there was an issue, I needed to pee but I couldn’t, tube number one, say hello !

Just a few hours out from surgery

Stay tuned for more.




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