The Comeback, Part 3 Of My Embarrassing Bodies Series.

12 01 2013

after such major surgery, there was always going to be a long lay off, I was told a minimum of 6 weeks, now in order not to get into trouble with, EVERYONE , I wont say after how long the Comeback took BUT

It was one mile, it was slow, it was hard, it hurt, it wasn’t 6 weeks tho (could be longer, could be less)

a few days later, I stuck in a shift of 10 miles, including a VERY slow Mottram Moor


It felt like i’d gone back a few years.


Over the coming few weeks , I was to be on and off the Comeback as I ended up getting an infection (It wasn’t through any fault of my own or related to the rides)


I’d agreed to do the Great Manchester Cycle in May and REALLY didnt have a lot of time to get in shape , it was going to be close, REALLY close, but as my readers will know, I did make it that day, I came in the top 100 but truth be told, I wasnt fit, I dropped back on the last lap, I’d used up all my energy reserves , or more simply put, I just wasnt fit enough to get the placing that I wanted. I didnt disgrace myself at all, but I was hungry , I wanted so much more , In the end, that desperate desire drove me onto train harder than ever for Blackpool 3 months later.

Great Manchester Cycle, with my 2 super awesome kids

Great Manchester Cycle, with my 2 super awesome kids


The above  shows me on the day of the Great Manchester Cycle, with my 2 amazing kids, looking not to shabby, just over 2 months from the major surgery you saw on Channel 4.

Next up is the final part of this series , trust me, you dont want to miss it.




6 responses

12 01 2013

No helmet and no gloves; and after all you’ve been through! Tsk, tsk, tsk…

12 01 2013

Haha, like I say, less than a mile :0)

13 01 2013
Neil Illing (@nilling)

When is it on TV?

13 01 2013

Monday 7th of January

Check out 4od

14 01 2013

Hi Gaz, Although I am not in touch that much I just wanted to let you know I am following the ups and downs, low and highs. You stick with it mate and be assurred that you have inspired even more folks than you may realise.

The weight is still coming off for me, you may recall as well as the bike ( Trek Marlin 29er I started walking last July as well,walked 360 miles so far.

Just picked up my 2nd MTB just a cheap one a Berg Trailrock 2.1 for just 199 Euro’s whilst on Fuerteventura recently and experienced some seriously rough tracks with great fun in the sun. Even the wife grabbed an amazing deal on a ladies one for 99 Euro’s.

Any way back to the point I wanted to make, Yes I have provided the will power but it is you mate that inspired the journey, it is not easy and seeing you on the Tv the other night just inspired my further, I think we all know the problems of excess skin and whilst it presents a whole host of problems for me and all of us to deal with, it has to be said it is far better than doing nothing and been sent up to meet our maker !

Who ever you are reading this or Garys page, hold-on, keeping going and if you lapse along the way, remember it is easy to get up and keep going, pace yourself and win………………….

15 01 2013

Great to hear from you and thanks for all the support

Keep on fighting #teamgaz

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