Slim Rice & Slim Pasta – 7kcals vs 350kcals

17 03 2013

A few weeks ago I heard about this product and went out on a crazy race to try and find some

and failed

I lambasted my efforts on twitter (@39stonecyclist) only for “Eatwater pasta” to offer to send me some, as long as I gave my thoughts on here, something I had intended to anyway.

So, is it worth paying almost £3 for something that is 80% water ???



The rice doesnt look like rice, it looks like chipped down noodles TBH, I always wash rice, but with this they say you have to wash it and I would implore you to ensure you do as it STINKS of fish however after a few washes and being cooked, the nasty smell has gone.

It’s tasteless, so that perfect for adding it to a curry ….mmmmmm Curry …

It’s filling as an add on and its only 7kcals

So, yes I;d recommend it , HIGHLY , however it’s high price and lack of availability does put me off somewhat, the danger is that this becomes priced as a “Treat” while Rice at 350kcals is priced for normal useage.

It’s a superb invention that, if the kinks can be ironed out, will become a firm favorite


Exercise: Can it Also Prevent Cancer?

2 03 2013

Exercise: Can it Also Prevent Cancer?
Exercise has proven to be a tremendously valuable tool. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and exercise has been shown to lead to higher levels of mental health. Over the past two decades, however, research has shown that exercise provides yet another benefit: reduction in the likelihood of developing cancer. Here is how exercise can be beneficial through all phases of cancer treatment and recovery.

Can Exercise Prevent Cancer?

High levels of fitness have been linked to a reduction in the likelihood of developing liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and other cancers. Part of this is through reducing obesity, as obesity correlates highly with many types of cancer. However, the effect appears to go beyond obesity prevention. The exact magnitude of this effect is unknown; unfortunately even the fittest people can develop cancer. Those looking to reduce their odds of developing cancer, however, should view exercise is an essential tool.
Exercise and Cancer Treatments

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of cancer is chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy is draining, and people often find their energy levels dropping during the course of treatment. By exercising before treatment begins, patients can give themselves a bit more energy to make it through difficult phases. In addition, exercise has been shown to improve mental health significantly
. Exercise increases the release of mood boosting endorphins, which can be especially beneficial for patients experiencing depression. High levels of mental health have been linked with better treatment outcomes for those fighting mesothelioma all the way to
Exercise After Defeating Cancer

Lance Armstrong Livestrong

Lance Armstrong Livestrong

After defeating cancer, survivors want to take all steps possible to prevent their cancer from coming back. Again, exercise is a valuable tool and means to achieve this goal. A number of educational institutes are now offering specially tailored exercise programs for survivors, and research is showing that those who exercise regularly are at a lower risk of developing cancer again. Exercise is also a valuable tool in recovering from damage incurred by chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.
Cancer strikes people in all age groups and of all fitness levels. However, studies into the genesis of cancer consistently show that fitness plays a role in prevention and treatment. While eating right and avoiding cigarettes are important, exercise appears to have an equally strong impact; whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or have never had it, exercise can help.

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