Slim Rice & Slim Pasta – 7kcals vs 350kcals

17 03 2013

A few weeks ago I heard about this product and went out on a crazy race to try and find some

and failed

I lambasted my efforts on twitter (@39stonecyclist) only for “Eatwater pasta” to offer to send me some, as long as I gave my thoughts on here, something I had intended to anyway.

So, is it worth paying almost £3 for something that is 80% water ???



The rice doesnt look like rice, it looks like chipped down noodles TBH, I always wash rice, but with this they say you have to wash it and I would implore you to ensure you do as it STINKS of fish however after a few washes and being cooked, the nasty smell has gone.

It’s tasteless, so that perfect for adding it to a curry ….mmmmmm Curry …

It’s filling as an add on and its only 7kcals

So, yes I;d recommend it , HIGHLY , however it’s high price and lack of availability does put me off somewhat, the danger is that this becomes priced as a “Treat” while Rice at 350kcals is priced for normal useage.

It’s a superb invention that, if the kinks can be ironed out, will become a firm favorite




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17 03 2013
Dave smith

Hi mate what is the dry weight of the 350 kcals of rice

18 03 2013

100 grams

20 03 2013

For a cheap low-calorie rice alternative throw a few cauliflower florets in a food processor and ‘whizz’ til you get something about the size of rice or cous cous. This can be microwaved or stirfried (2-3 mins covered in a microwave is my chosen method – no water required)

Bingo! – low calorie ‘rice’ with extra vitamins.

Cheap, readily available, quick, not over-processed. I choose not to eat processed factory ‘foods’ and this is a great alternative.

It has little taste (the smell is stronger, but don’t let this put you off) and works well with curry and chilli etc.

25 03 2013

Oh gosh. I curry EVERYTHING!! Red curry over rice, or yellow curry over noodles ^.^! I’ll have to look into these low-cal options.

26 03 2013
Chris Turner

Vicky beat me to it – I hardly ever eat rice these days, but that’s more by choice of flavour over calorie content. And most of the time I don’t miss the presence of rice…makes you realise that you cook and eat it through habit.

4 04 2013

I hope they make this available on local areas soon. I am really interested to try this one. This would be great for people who likes to lose some weight. A good alternative and ideal for fitness purposes but I hope the price would be lower.

14 04 2013

These are the same as Shirataki noodles you can get from oriental food stores. If you get the non tofu ones then they have the same tiny amount of calories, and I think they are usually cheaper than this.

20 03 2014

Good to have a post from you Gaz . I was begining to think all that tv fame had gone to your head…lol…good luck for the future and I hope you are able to get back on the bike fulltime

21 03 2014

Nah I’ve actually turned down a couple of TV slots recently. I’m looking at reinventing myself, in the same way I went From the “amazing shrinking Gaz” to the “39 stone cyclist” I’m now looking at doing it again so holding back a lot of content for the grand depart 🙂

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