I fell in love with cycling – This is what it repaid me with.

26 02 2014

Being off the bike currently is difficult , so its good to look back.


former 39 stone cyclist gary brennan


So while my cycling future hangs by a thread due to my ill health , my history will always be there as a legacy to those who need help/inspiration or just to be told “Your not alone”








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26 02 2014

So, are you going to leave us in suspense. What illness can keep you off the bike? Just know that we’re praying for your recovery.

26 02 2014

Sadly it isn’t just one

26 02 2014

hey gaz ,,i hope you get back to full fitness and back on the bike soon ,,but whatever happens dude you have been a great inspiration to a lot of people ,,,,stay strong

27 02 2014

Cheers Buddy

27 02 2014
Chris Friedly

I’m so sorry to hear that you are dealing with debilitating illness. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. You are an absolute inspiration!

27 02 2014

More medical specialist visits tomorrow , fingers crossed

28 02 2014

sorry to hear about your health problems Gaz, its always a constant battle.
you were doing so well. I also have health problems now and again. You are a great inspiration to me and so many more people, take care and LIVESTRONG bro!.

28 02 2014

I’m hopeful that one day i’ll be able to get them under control enough to get back on the bike, even if im not topping the strava leaderboards like I used to , it’d be nice to get back out there for leisure , one day !

26 04 2014

Hey Gaz,
For me, any person involved with any sports or discipline is an endless source of never ending learning 🙂
I am sure your past has a lot to inspire us and I am quite confident that your future will be even more better than that. Trust me for this!
I wish great health for you. Amen!

9 07 2014


Everything on this blog is an inspiration to many, both the ups *and the downs*, and that is important. I wish you well 🙂

11 07 2014

with the ups comes the downs

thats life

its about learining to live with both

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