The 39 stone cyclist does #nomakeupselfie ish

19 03 2014

my #nomakeupselfie but I’m #madeup text BEAT to 70099 to donate.

I’ll always do my bit to help those less fortunate than myself, even if  look like a bit (lot) of a fool





2 responses

16 04 2014

This is wild thrash in the dark. I was cycling a quick ride over Woodhead pass late july/early august and came across a chap named gaz wearing team sky outfit but had punctured in to tintwistle, I stopped and assisted fixing the puncture. Gaz said he’d been to Manchester and was on his way back to Sheffield. We rode for about 20 mins when I turned off. Gaz if this is you, do you remember this. In any case… All the best. Kev

17 04 2014

Hi kev, that was indeed me buddy, I was off to pick up my new car, you saved my as that day, I made it all the way without issue, I still owe you one 🙂

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