The Wedding Of Mr & Mrs Rogers-Brennan – Photos By Howard Wilkinson

28 07 2014

We decided not to sell the photo’s of our weding to “OK” or “Hello” for £1 Million and instead share them with you guys, our loyal readers for free :0)

Tracy Brennan and I have known each other since we were children, and while we have been in contact for a number of years, it felt like events of the times were such that, we’d only ever be able to be very good friends.

However, we both belived in fairytails and makebelieve and we NEVER EVER gave up hope.

We continued to fight and forge ahead with we wanted and then like magic, things fell into place, it was all our hard work and determination to be happy that lead us to this.

and so a couple of weeks ago, Tracy and I became Man and Wife.

You might think, happy ending to a long and drawn out story- but the story isnt over, were on the last chapter but please trust me when I say, there is a LOT more from us,sadly though,for now, thats all we can say…..So sit back and enjoy the wedding photos.

There is a lack of guest photos, some photos are best kept private.


















Photos By Howard Wilkinson





6 responses

28 07 2014

Congratulations. If anyone deserves a bit of happiness, it’s you. Have a blessed life together from both of us here xx

28 07 2014

We both thank you very much for the wishes , Mr And Mrs Brennan :0)

29 07 2014

Congratulations. I hope you have a long and happy life together.

30 07 2014

we thank you very much

31 07 2014
Wayne Lewis Cornwall

This is superb news, i wish you and your (stunning) wife all the best for the future, i have been a follower of your blogs and its awesome how much your life has changed as well as your health/wellbeing. Truly an inspiration!

1 08 2014

We both thank you for your comments Wayne, she REALLY is stunning isnt she :0)

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