Its over.

30 08 2014

As many of you know ,I have a few disabilities


Ankylosing spondylitis

Spinal stenosis

Along with other issues such as

Slipped disks



I know people look to me to be inspired,however , its time I admit what I’ve known for a long time

I’m broken, fundamentally broken

I can’t cycle ,walking is nigh on impossible over a couple of steps and I’m using mobility aids

I can’t stand for pain,sitting hurts and I need help tobdo basic everyday tasks

See obesity didn’t kill me ,but like a scene from the movie final destination, it caught up with me in the end .

Its been a blast but I need time out to see if there’s anyway I can come back from where I am again

This time its unlikely , but never bet against Gas, you never know!!!

For now the cycling shoes are hung up ,the bikes silent and the kit smelling fresh ,I loved my time as a cyclist and as an inspiration,but for now,its someone else’s turn to have a go.

Live strong



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