Its over.

30 08 2014

As many of you know ,I have a few disabilities


Ankylosing spondylitis

Spinal stenosis

Along with other issues such as

Slipped disks



I know people look to me to be inspired,however , its time I admit what I’ve known for a long time

I’m broken, fundamentally broken

I can’t cycle ,walking is nigh on impossible over a couple of steps and I’m using mobility aids

I can’t stand for pain,sitting hurts and I need help tobdo basic everyday tasks

See obesity didn’t kill me ,but like a scene from the movie final destination, it caught up with me in the end .

Its been a blast but I need time out to see if there’s anyway I can come back from where I am again

This time its unlikely , but never bet against Gas, you never know!!!

For now the cycling shoes are hung up ,the bikes silent and the kit smelling fresh ,I loved my time as a cyclist and as an inspiration,but for now,its someone else’s turn to have a go.

Live strong





33 responses

30 08 2014

You are an amazing inspiration I wish you the very best and thank you for getting me off my backside

30 08 2014

Thank you

30 08 2014

Sorry to hear that Gaz, you are an inspiration, stay strong.


30 08 2014

Cheers buddy

30 08 2014
Les Sutherland

It is not all over. You remain an inspiration for so many people. Do NOT give up. Shit man. If you want to talk, any time, night or day, let me know I’ll give you my number. You are and always will be an inspiration. You have known too much shit. You do not have to do this on your own. Lean on us, we will support you, hold you and help you. You are not alone. Do not be alone.
Call any time.
Les sutherland

31 08 2014
John Brennan

Gaz your achievements are outstanding! If this pathway is blocked for the minute then put your mind, spirit and determination to another one! You have down wonderful things, you will do wonderful things and more importantly you are capable of helping others do wonderful things because life shows that is what you can and will do!

Sit back till bonfire night then choose another target and blow it out of the water – carpe diem!!!!

The Brennan’s

31 08 2014

You got me off my a** and moving more than once, thanks for that. From San Diego… time to Bolt Up, game on.

31 08 2014
Stephen Costanzo

Gaz, please send me your email address. What I would like to share with you should be more one-on-one than this forum.

31 08 2014

Hi Gaz,

Been a long time reader of your blog, and you’ve been such an inspiration. Keep going! It may seem as though it’s the end, but there are always new treatment/management methods being developed. Chin up!


31 08 2014
Phil Shaw

Mooning lovely:-) What time dod u want to meet in Okehampton? Might be a good idea to sort your bike rack before we go into film…. We can then put bike on after as it is locked on my rack while we are on cinema!

The e-mail below is v sad… This was the fat guy who lost all the weight cycling & then went on embarrassing bodies & had a op to remove all the looses skin! He also suffered from an eating disorder for years & I wonder if this was the main reason for all his current ailments? Xx


Phil Tel: +44 (0)7515 685 808 Sent from my iPad


31 08 2014

Gaz, you have been an inspiration to me. When I first read about you I couldn’t enen ride a mile. Recently I completed my first 100k sportive. I hope you will one day manage to get on a bike again. I send you my best wishes and I am sure that everyone of the thousands of people you have inspired wish you well.

31 08 2014
Owain Thomas

Good luck for the future and I sincerely hope this is temporary. Hats off for inspiring countless people!

O ======================================== Message Received: Aug 30 2014, 11:28 PM

31 08 2014
Kenneth McCoy

Do you have a facility easily available for swimming? If yes, that’s one way to put in a lot of exercise without putting much stress on your body. Good luck mate!

31 08 2014

When I read your news this morning, my heart sank. MS has ripped its way through our family in the last few years, so I know a bit about what you are ou facing.
Thank you for inspiring me. Your blog has convinced this chubby cyclist to get off her duff and get pedalling. This year I challenged myself to complete the London 100. I did it and raised money for The MS Society at the same time.
Don’t give up! Never give in. As someone else said in an earlier post, find a new challenge and attack it.
As long as you are breathing you are fighting!

31 08 2014

Really sorry to hear about that gaz at one point you were doing amazing thing s and you went through so much to get that far. Lifes a bitch mate and health is more important than anything. All I can say is never give up and livestrong bro!
Take care…..

31 08 2014
Jonathan Leigh


You are such an inspiration. i’m 130kg but have lost 20 kg in the last 3 months or so. Today I’ve cycled 20 miles and i’m not dead. You and others have given me hope! 23 years ago I cycled LEJOG, I aim to repeat it in the next few years!

Stay positive!

I’ll pray for you.


1 09 2014
Guru Singh

I have always read your blog and it is the first time I am commenting! I would like to wish you all the best in your endeavours to stay healthy and to spend some quality time with family and friends.
If you ever need a shoulder to lean on please email me.
love and best wishes

6 09 2014

I can only echo the great comments that have already been posted.
Gaz you know my thoughts and you know the esteem in which you’re held, not only by me but by many other people, lots of whom have been overweight, some who haven’t, and others who just love the amazing journey that you’ve been on.
You will always be an inspiration buddy, regardless of whatever life throws at you, and although you may be in one of life’s troughs just now, we all know that you will come out fighting and kick the sh*t out of whatever’s getting you down.
Stay strong, keep focussed and I wish you, Mrs B and your family all the very best going forwards.
God speed buddy, and thank you 🙂

7 09 2014

Jon buddy as always you are a legend, looking forward to the cat with you 🙂

7 09 2014

Hi Gaz…you are a tremendous inspiration. While you are off the bike, perhaps. Gentle Yoga may help feed your movement, strength, and flexibility need?

10 09 2014
Stephen Gapp

Gaz through your own efforts your have changed your life for the better. Now your body has thrown you some bad issues but just remember what you achieved – most people would say the impossible – and remember that with a positive view you can improve but not eliminate those issues facing you. I hope that you will be able to get back on a bike but remember even if you don’t that is not the end of the world. There are many things you can still do – concentrate on those not what you cannot do.

15 09 2014

Sorry to hear that Gaz. I hope you find a way back.

16 09 2014

Gutted to hear you feel like this Gaz – sounds like you’ve had some really tough breaks. If you genuinely still want to cycle, then it might be worth speaking to ‘Wheels for wellbeing’ the cycling charity that helps disabled people use bikes of various types – they’re London based but will surely be able to point you in the right direction for somewhere similar near you and it might be that there is still a way for you to cycle – be it hand bike, trike or on a tandem. They’re on Twitter @WfWnews

If that can’t work for you for whatever reason, then that’s ok – cycling doesn’t have to define you. Your story will remain an inspiration to me personally, and to the many kids I’ve told your story to. I always describe you as one of my personal heroes, because I do think that changing ingrained habits is genuinely one of the toughest things to do.

All the best for the future.


19 09 2014
Biju Mathew

Sorry to hear that Gaz. Your story is what got me to finally do something about my weight. I have lost over 45 kgs over the past 5 months and I hope that I can continue till I reach my goal. This blog has played a huge part in keeping my spirits up during the process. Will not forget the 39stone cyclist and I wish you well.


30 09 2014

Gaz I am so sorry to read this, not looked in here for a while and your latest post has stunned me.
I know you are not one to give up so am hoping you can get past this and enjoy an active life again.
All the best man

Dave (aka potsy)

3 10 2014

Cheers pots

12 10 2014

Gaz Ive been a racing cyclist for many years at a elite level I came to your website at a dark period in my life and now im back in the light…….you can be too stay strong……….and good luck you acheived more than most ever will

2 11 2014
Tan Choon Heong


Thanks for inspiring me to change my lifestyle!
i started riding the week i read your life changing story.
From 102kg to 87kg in 6months.
i am now able to cycle 70km & run 10km.


6 11 2014

Thank you ,humbled

3 03 2015
Simon Cooke

I haven’t been on your site for a while and am very sorry to hear about your health problems. It makes you realise how you can’t take your health for granted, none of us know what’s around the next corner. I don’t know how mobile you are but a friend of mine who has MS, plus other health issues and recently had a knee replacement raves about her Icetrike – Might be worth looking into. Another website here with useful info – Wishing you all the best.

12 03 2015

Sorry to read this Gaz, I hope you are pulling through!

29 03 2015

I just stumbled onto this blog by chance and I got to tell you your story is pretty damn amazing. You’ve inspired so many people out there myself included. Most would have given up at the weight you were at but you turned it around amazingly and bless you for it .
I’m really sorry to hear about your current situation but just know you’ve touched a lot of people. So in a sense your legacy will live on. I for one am going to ride my ass off. Thanks for sharing your journey with us

5 01 2016

Your story is the gift that keeps on giving. People will continue to draw inspiration and strength for years to come thanks to you.

Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you and your loved ones.


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