One Year one, we’d like to share our memories with you.

18 07 2015

After this post I have decided to post, episodically, my demise from the highs of award winning cyclist, to wheelchair bound  none cyclist.

There are many reasons behind it.

It’ll be one of many highs and lows….but it’ll be open and honest and hopefully inspiring.

For now, enjoy our moment with us, its taken us MANY MANY Years to get here but WE DID IT !




7 responses

18 07 2015
Jon Bleackley

Stay strong buddy, and never forget you’ll always be an inspiration tome and many others 😀 Love and best wishes to all the family.

20 07 2015

Thanks Buddy 🙂

25 07 2015

Man – I am devastated by this – you have been such an inspiration to me. There are things I want to say but I need to see how my comments appear on your blog before doing it. Live Strong, Man. I was out in Mellow Johnny’s in Austin last year and it rocks!

15 08 2015

amazing story. Hope everything is as best as it can be for you now…you have inspired me tho, without a doubt

9 10 2015

Hi m8 in some serious need of help ,bought a bike and buckled it straight away I weigh just under 22 stone ,took it back and replaced it with a basic hybrid bike but I’m scared to go on it in case I buckle that one ,what can I do .

8 08 2016
Peter Martin

Hope your keeping well fella, really appreciated our season exploring cycling and weight loss!!

8 11 2016

stay strong fella , it was an amazing ride, i miss it personally

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