It’s been too long. 

25 07 2017

Hey yall. 
As you know I’ve been struck down with multiple sever disabilities and have been off the bike and using a wheelchair for 3 years. 
A couple or months I decided that the weight I’d had gained needed to go. 
I can’t exercise or cycle like I used to, so I set out a VIGOROUSLY healthy eating plan, not a diet  but a lifestyle change. 

I’ve since lost over 3 stone / 36lbs by simply making a healthy choice. 

I wanted you all to know that despite the horrendous time I’ve had, there’s always hope, I won’t ever become to cyclist nor inspiration  I once was, but I hope this post has helped those who still come here in thire thousands to read my story. 

This is another chapter, the book is never finished, who knows what the next chapter will bring. 





8 responses

25 07 2017

What unbelievable timing! Literally 2 days ago I was wandering whether there would be another blog post from yourself! I’ve been embarking on trying to make lifestyle changes rather than a diet that comes and goes. I have no doubt it’s been challenging and difficult for you but glad to see the positivity remains! Just the encouragement I need!

25 07 2017

I have myself some wonderful support, I’m just glad 8ncan pay it forward to others, Gaz

25 07 2017

Thanks for your update. I see your persistence and it makes me think that you are truly strong. I am very overweight too and I have attempted to get healthier by riding but I keep busting spokes. Every time I break a spoke I get discouraged and regress, and bury myself in bad habits. I see you and you are proceeding despite any of the challenges that face you, which makes me ashamed. You can do it your efforts mean more than you realize.

25 07 2017

I don’t class myself as any better than anyone else.

Try and get yourself a stronger 36 spoke wheel, might help.

I’m just glad I can do a little something to help others out there

26 07 2017
Leaf T

It’s your fighting spirit that is inspiring. It’s hard to keep a good man down.

26 07 2017

Too kind, thank you

27 07 2017
Jim Golden

Good to see you back Gaz I followed from the beginning and was so sad when u disappeared!

Good luck with the future pal

28 07 2017

Thanks buddy, appreciate the support

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