The Big Man’s BACK !

14 01 2012

A belated happy new year to y’all.

After taking a much NEEDED and DESERVED Rest over the holidays to recharge my battery’s, where by I didn’t once touch any of my bikes , Monday was the time to get back into it.

Weighty Matters

Pretty much every Xmas, even since losing weight, I have gained weight over Xmas, I guess it’s what people do and this year, having taken my bike away from me, I was worried that it would be same shit, different year.

BUT, despite gaining a bit in the first few days, I’m gonna assume this was getting my body properly rehydrated , I then lost that added few pounds, stepping on the scales on Monday showed a 2 pound loss since the 23rd December 2011, with ZERO Miles cycled and Christmas & New Year thrown in….I have FINALLY managed to figure out this and how to keep weight off, when off the bike.

I’ll drink to that

Back In the saddle

Well, Monday was hell at first, I was running late, tired , the normal after a long lay off, I averaged 15 mph and at times I thought I was gonna die 🙂

BUT I didn’t &  quite amazingly on the way home I averaged almost 17 Mph, keeping in mind that its all up hill, it seems that getting your speed back comes quicker than losing it 🙂

Things round here MIGHT just go mental.

I’m off for a haircut today, the reason is I have, in the pipeline for next week, something, that, if it comes off, would be HUGE and would change everything for me , it’s not gonna start world harmony I’m sorry to say, but from MY point of view, it’s something I feel I need to finish what I started, sorry for being cloak and dagger but I’ll post a big update during next week regarding the  developments.

Tola Ya I need a hair cut


Well, I mentioned that I am becoming a helmet camera cyclist again and this week I have gotten myself some damn fine videos, they don’t stress me out, I don’t get angry or wound up by them, they just serve as a nice reminder of how things are today, to look back on tomorrow :0)

Here’s One, I dont like white van man 🙂

and a feel good one

I’ll be posting a review of the camera (Contour ROAM) soon enough too.

I’ve also  got BIG plans for the “Outlook” of this blog too, stay tuned.

Ride safe & hard and LiveSTRONG.


Injury Forces Me Out Of A Charity Ride & A Week In Review.

16 10 2011

I’m Out:

I have been REAL lucky with injures in the last 3 years, having not missed an organised ride in that time due to illness or injury.

Upto Friday just 2 days ago, things were fine, times were good, I was feeling strong etc and was ready to go.

The event was the “Return of the winter-sprinter”

However, on the commute on Friday I had a wee-accident.

I was FLYING, I  had drafted a Moped doing 30 Mph, dropped 2 cyclists on a hill and  hitting my 3rd red light I was still averaging over  20Mph, setting off from the lights, my leg wasnt clipped into my SPD’s and I slipped…HARD, I managed to not fall off but it left my left looking like I’d been jumped by a tiger.

My leg now being swollen and bloody sore, I took the HARD decision to not ride the 100km event today, I’ll come back stronger, but for now, I  am going to listen to my body and rest it.


This week had me do a couple more interviews, On Monday morning a photo shoot had been arranged with the Manchester Evening News, it was cold, wet and I had cycled into work in my  waterproofs, however, I still had my real kit on for the shoot, but I needed warmth while I waited.

However, the photographer must have had the wrong number as he didn’t call and it turns out he said my phone was off (it couldn’t have been as that’s what I used to take the about pic) so never mind, the article can be seen here:

The article mentions awards, Clive told me to get a cabinet, well, a shelf will do for now, though it will need to be bigger if I am to put an Olympic Torch on it :0)

Kinect Season

So as the summer cycling induced longer commutes comes to end due to the NASTY weather, Kinect-Season kicks off again, for anyone who wants to lose weight without “Real-workouts” this REALLY is the best way, I was buggered when I’d finished a couple of hours on it.

Let’s not forget in all of this that NOT QUITTING had made me who I am today !

For now,that’s me, stay strong, there should be an updated headed your way about the “Gary Brennan Foundation” this week too.

Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

I’m Getting Old – Time To Look Back @ This Date Last Year

15 10 2011

Yup, it’s my Birthday and I wanted to look back at what I posted last year, the results of what I have done are pretty shocking.

Starting Stats:

Waist 68-72″

Weight 39Stone 13Lbs .

Shirts 26″ Collar or 8XL

BMI over 70

Resting Hear Rate OVER 130Bmp

Miles Cycled over 12,000

I checked my weight loss by wrapping

Updated stats at 30:

Waist 38-40″

16 Stone And A Few Pounds !!!

17″ Collar or XL or even Large

BMI Under 29

Resting Heart Rate 41BPM

Cycled over 12.000 Miles

I now check my weight with scales

Where Am I now, at age 31:

Waist 30-32″

A little under 13 stone (182 pounds) !!!

15″ Collar or Medium/Large

BMI 22 (and thus NORMAL )

“Best” Resting Heart Rate 34 BPM

By the end of this year, I will hit 20, 000 miles cycled

I now check my weight with scales


I think we can all agree that what I achieved by 30 was incredible but what I have done in the last 12 months, IMO, is even better, I could have sat back , congratulated myself on a job well done and enjoyed the plaudits….but I DIDN’T, I finished this job a few months ago and now my efforts are going into keeping the weight off, I feel AMAZING, I feel that life is not the same as it was , its much better and its ALL thanks to cycling !

If I can do it………….Anyone Can……now lets rise a (healthy) drink to cycling and livingstrong !!!!

Gaz (Suddenly I don’t feel so old after writing that)


Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

Gaz makes the Sport pages – More Media lined up, Details of last weeks CRAZY rides.

9 10 2011

Good Morning All, its been a CRAZY week here in 39 Stone Towers:

First up, British Cycling are lending all their amazing support to me in a bid to get me my “Olympic Dream

Then the CTC followed on and did the same, the result was that I  have had around 7k hits in the 3 days !…..CRAZY….!


Could this site become the “39 stone motorist” ? after debating about the cost of fuel vs the cost of public transport you might well think so, however, I dont have a driving License, in years gone by I didn’t have the confidence nor the ability to physically fit into a car to pass my test….While neither of them hold me back anymore, I think I enjoy my cycling and new life way too much :0)

Handing Over The Baton:

In an olympic themed update I want to wish Andy Hartley the VERY best of luck on his weight loss Journey , He is about to get on a bike in a bid to reduce his weight and follow in my foot-steps, I’ll let you know how he gets on.

The “Gary Brennan Foundation”

Like all slighly crazy people, I had an AMAZING Idea at about 2am today, keep an eye out on the tabs up top for more info.

BUT One of the reasons for my idea is that THIS photo has been clicked over 500 times in the last 3 days, that shows me that attitudes do need to be changed, from the top down.

I Was Too Fat For Even The Government To Compute !!!!

New Site Design:

Wadda think ? I love it :0)


This week I was told there was a printed story about myself, this shocked me as I didn’t recall doing an interview, despite that, it turned out pretty well I’d say.

Keep an eye out on this weeks Manchester Evening News, I did a pretty EPIC interview with them on Friday and I suspect that will turn out to be one of the best and most inspirational pieces to date, I also have a few more lined up for this week and a photo shoot on Monday

Told you it was getting CRAZY round here.

New Personal Best:

Friday night, despite this stinking cold, I was WELL in the mood for cycling, by the time I’d reached devils hill, i was averaging 18  mph  (the way home is ALL uphill) , on the way down I passed a geared roadie on my SS and KILLED it on the way up, the result was a 48 second climb, taking 11 seconds out of my PB, on a Friday, with a cold, on a Single Speed :0) Chuffed ….much ????

New Shirts:

Last year I got a new “Soccer-Ball” kit as a reward for being able to fit, however that QUICKLY become WAY too big.

So I’ve waited & waited and now I am wearing a medium & it was time to buy another.

Dont worry, I have shaved since then LOL

I’ve also found a new jumper too, just in time for winter, its something I didn’t even know I had TBH

ahh the works kitchen

Sky Ride Local:

For anyone wanting to take up cycling, there is still time to Join a Sky Ride Local

Click the Image for more info.

Check out my thoughts on them HERE:

Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

My Summer as a SkyRide, Ride Leader

3 10 2011

The Mission of Team Sky & British Cycling is a simple one.

By 2013 have one million more regular cyclists in the UK.

The strategy for this, amongst other things, was to create and promote Sky Ride and Sky Ride Local, it seems that the mission is being achieved as of August this year, the total UK cycle population has grown 1.3 Million up to 13 million.

In early 2010 I qualified as a Sky Ride, Ride leader .

While my work commitments held back the ultimate number of rides that I had wanted to do, I did, in the end, managed to do a few.

& it was an inspiring time for me, first off, there were blog readers of mine on some of the rides, who held me in high esteem, talk about humbling.

Then there was a young Girl of about 8 that we let “Lead Us Out” on the way back up the Middlewitch Way, I was at the back of the group, talking to & encouraging some of the slower riders.

Below is half of the ride as taken from my Garmin on the day.

I’m not sure why I didn’t get the return leg, but we covered the same track on the way back, You can see the average speed was a little under 7 Mph, now, for me, that’s a speed I wouldn’t EVER do, but Skyride isn’t about me, it’s about giving something back to the “Community” that saved my life. It’s about inspiring others to follow my lead & to get into cycling, the thing is, my first ride was up a path, like the Middlewood way, done at speeds around that Skyride, I guess what I am trying to say is that every great journey starts with a single, small step, mine was alone, then with the help of Tommo on the Single track, these people’s (for some anyway) was on that skyride, that I was a leader on, I simply can’t express how much that inspired ME !

The other ride that inspired me, for a different reason, was the Carrington Circular

The reason that ride inspired me, was there was a REALLY young rider on it, who struggled in the intense heat, I stuck with that youngster and there parents at the back, going forwards to the front only to ask the other leaders to either slow or stop for us, before dropping back. Despite the searing heat (honest, I know it’s the North of England but we do get the Sun from time to time) that youngster never ever gave up, kept going despite the gap keeping on opening up (until I headed forward to make sure we closed up) and the heat and the long distance (for someone so young) it really was awe-inspiring to see and be part of.


So, while people call me inspirational, I think its fair to say, there are MANY more people out there that are just as inspiring as I am, if not even more so, I applaud sky and British Cycling for all there efforts in getting as many more people into cycling as they can, long may it continue.

While my 2011 Skyride season was cut short, I am making plans for the 2012 Skyride season because frankly I want to give as much back to cycling as i can , it did after all save my life, so if you are thinking about taking up cycling and want to do it in a safe, friendly environment with a group of others, enroll now for a better future & who knows who your ride leader might be :0)

Click the Logo below for more information:

Bruntwood Ellipse Action Photo’s Of Gaz and Team

26 09 2011

Thanks to Bruntwood for providing these.


PS – Only a few days left to help us attempt to beat cancer

Typical Gaz, at the front of the peloton

Gaz and Tommo

Only 5% of people who were morbidly obese will keep the weight off, after non-surgical weight loss.

25 09 2011

ONLY 5%?????

Damn ………….. or, if you are reading this after the water-shed then……SHIT !!!!!

I posted about 6 months ago, saying I was feeling my weight loss results felt “Temporary” that I was on “Borrowed Time” Feeling like I was buying smaller clothes only to need to buy bigger ones as I wasnt able to sustain my (then) small size (for me) ….Fast forward by 6 months and I have lost more weight, wear smaller clothes and (I might have mentioned this) won another award 🙂

I no longer feel that I am on borrowed time, I have dropped, since then, to 13 stone and in recent times I have managed to stay there, without too many issues, I did get a little worried that it kept dropping but I *Think* I have the formula now , the most critical thing about that Formula is to not take my eye off the ball tho…..!

I have also started to take in a couple of protein bars a day, added with milk, that’s giving me over the recommended intake of 55 g’s per day, so that’s a small victory.

I know how much Clive LOVES that Jersey so I wore it JUST for him, it’s too big now, so will probs be the last time I wear it, as such, I went a little crazy with excitement :0)

It’s Fuel:

I’ve always said that food is the mortal enemy to me, this week, I have changed how I perceive it. Sure, that’s not helped me….YET !

On Sunday I set a pretty good time, I tore up a LOT of miles at 20+ Mph after climbs that I’d NEVER dream of doing, but in my mind, I have that niggle, “You have not fueled this engine, just think how good you can be WITH Fuel”

Half way through the ride I suffered a REAL nasty headache, a potential “bonk” when I read up about it (also, my tyre clipped the kerb edge on the final turn, maybe because of going too fast, maybe because of the “bonk”) , it took me a full 24 hours to shake it, it did mean that I wasnt 100% towards the end, yet I still managed a 1 mile average at over 23Mph, so food isn’t the enemy, it’s about to become my friend, I just need some help & guidance !

& in making a start, one MAJOR Issue I have is “Mixed foods” , eg, I like chocolate and nuts, but eating a bar with both in just freaks me out but the protein bars are like a chocolate with a crunchy biscuit in the middle, something I would never have done, just a few weeks ago, so I have made more progress with this in the last few months than the last 29 years but the truth is, that the steps I have taken are TEEN TINY Baby steps on a road that’s a hundred miles long !


A few more pictures of the awards night, I believe that some of the winning “local” award members get entered into the “Greater Manchester Sports Award” and I am aware that a few people have also nominated for the Manchester Be Proud 2011 award (the one I won in 2009) added to the potential of the Olympic Torch relay, it means that I *Might* become a busy boy and that Clive’s suggestion of a cabinet might indeed need to happen 🙂

Pride of Tameside award 2011 - MCFC Eastlands

As a Manchester United Fan, This was taken for Irony

Ironic !

Bruntwood Ellipse 2011:

A few more pictures I found on my Phone for your enjoyment !

bruntwood ellipse 2011

Bruntwood Ellipse 2011 Finish Line

After the Punctures

Comes the new tyres (and I removed the Specalized branding too, stops the chav’s) and I have also thrown on a rear mud guard as this is the “Winter” bike before the snow arrives (in about 4 weeks if “they” are to be believed)

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