Bank Holiday Pain – To Be A Cyclist Is To Be A Student Of Pain !

31 08 2010
Ben Roethlisberger’s coach give him this in his early years,I heard it on America’s Game and thought WOW,That’s  something to remember !

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar,
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit;
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit

The poem, entitled So when I did the 3rd lap of Mottram Moor, heading for a finish on werneth low, I reminded myself of that line, “You never can tell how close you are” I am so close in my journey, now its time I ramp it up again and again and again, I need to kick so freaking hard now, and thats just what I did yesterday.

Bank Holiday PAIN !!!!!!

I am never going to quit, I am going to get to my goal and I sure as hell will make sure that I do it with the same style and effort I have been putting in since day 1, here we are, 2 years down the line, I am  still losing, finishing what I started, never wanting to quit, no matter how much pain I am in, I’m in a fight with obesity and I am still winning, the knock out is just around the corner.

Below is a video of the 4 climbs, Enjoy !


PhotoVideo 3.0, Amazing Shrinking Gaz The 39 Stone Cyclist’s Progress To August 2010

24 08 2010

PhotoVideo’s have helped me stay focused since I started my long journey, The other day I heard a song on the TV and thought, humm time for a new one, but I questioned if I had the pictures to go with the song !

I didn’t need to worry, I’m not only proud of the results I have so far achieved but also the quality of production in this video,

so ENOUGH from me,

Turn your sound up and get ready for Queen and Gaz together in a feel good PhotoVideo:

A Never Been Seen Before “Before” Picture !

13 08 2010

Yesterday on a work PC I found the following Picture, I  didnt even know of it !

Gaz & Tommo

SCARY Doesnt even come close !!!!!

& a Recent Picture

Surosa Audax Update

7 08 2010

Just after I returned from Holiday I decided that having 2 road bikes, the same spec, was a little pointless, So I stripped and sold the Ribble, why not the Surosa ? Well the Surosa is actually the better bike.

I decided that I wanted to upgrade the Surosa, its a great bike yes BUT its not perfect, So I purchased 2 good quality , strong hand-built wheels and a full Shimano 105 Group Set.

The weekend before my RTC I started the upgrades, I was intending to go out, buy he part I needed for the cranks, get some good quality cables and finish the job at during the week, however the impact of a van hitting me left my hands far too weak to be able to do it myself, that and the fact that you cant upgrade while you are passing out !

So I took it to Crown Point Cycles in Denton and paid the man £69 to finish the job for me, that was £69 that I wouldnt have needed to pay, if I wasnt hit by a WVM, while he did a good job, I was a little gutted I didnt finish what I had started.

Surosa Upgrade

So  not does it have a better group set I have also gone from a 50 chain ring to a 53 and from a 13-27 cassette to a 11/23 cassette and a new set of “Nuke Proof Rims”.

Now I just need to find my bottle and learn how to ride again.

The 39 Stone Cyclist Goes Cancer Fighting – Rides Manchester To Blackpool 2010 (Report)

4 07 2010

PLEASE Sponsor me, Its a GREAT cause !

EDIT: Now with a video of me passing the finish line, scroll down !

Today I cycled the 2010 edition of the Manchester to Blackpool ride for The Christy. When I set about losing weight by cycling this was to be my first major event, the fact I actually rode it last year meant that I had to pull out all the stops this year and

Pre Ride:

Preparations started last night:

It Makes You Go FASTER You Know !

6.30 am was upon me and I was ready to go….Wait….There was something I was forgetting, Ohh it was the man who put the “O” into Dean, it was Dean-O….I text him to say I was ready and to meet up…The reply wasnt one I was expecting nor wanting…

Hummm we said 6.30 !

Delayed Start:

The reply was that he had just woken and was running late, not to worry I thought, he only lives 15 mins away……60 mins later I get a call to say he had turned up…AN HOUR LATE !!!! I was freezing, it was cold and windy and stood around was doing things to my man parts I don’t want to discuss in public !

I did snap this however !

Manchester to Blackpool 2010 Start Line

All was good however once we got under way at 7.30am and boy did we fly outta the blocks….well right until the traffic lights about 20 yards up the road stopped us.

Go Go Go:

We were then moving again, the first 10 miles were done at an average of 18mph, we were passing most people on the road and both felt amazingly strong, the second 10 miles came and passed us by without really noticing it, then we were at the 25 mile point, Dean wanted a drink, I needed a pee, seemed ideal….We pulled into the Golf Club and I snapped the best picture of the day

Cheap, Nasty And Tacky Looking Those Caad 9 's 😉

A Quick Pit Stop:

Our stop lasted no more than 5 minutes. Once we pulled out we were immediately faced with a fair old bit of climbing, I was shocked at just how well I was doing, even passing some other roadies, BONUS.

Before long we were at the top and ready to descend Haigh, now both Dean-o and I are fearless descenders and we went for it, topping out at 39.7Mph I had a couple of club riders so worried that they gave EVERYTHING to make sure they passed me 😀

Our Pace Would Only Get Better.

Into The Thick Of It:

Over the next few miles until we hit Preston we were in a relaxed rhythm behind a few guys that looked like club riders, moving along at between 18-21mph with very little effort and chatting along the way, it even got to the point where we both agreed that it was just too easy.

There was one last climb to a right hander (Sorry don’t know the name) where loads of riders walked, there was no way I was going to be oe of them, I attacked in the big ring and by the top I had dropped chaninrings but I was still cycling.

The next 5 miles were uneventful and we peeled off for another pee.

Picking Up The Pace:

Our pace had gone up to 16.9Mph , the major hills are in the first half of the ride and we had passed that, now we were headed for the head winds of Lytham.

4 Miles before Lytham the winds were whipping up and I took the lead, both Dean-O and another Random roadie were taking my tow and we cruised along at 22Mph, about half a mile before Lytham Dean offered to take the strain and I got out of the wind behind him.

Nothing was going to prepair us for what we were about to encounter. As we rounded the coastal road in Lytham we were hit by gusts of winds.

Ride Away From The Group Gaz:

Dean was doing his best but our speed had dropped to singles figures, I had promised myself to give EVERYTHING to get there in under 4 hours, now this was in serious jeopardy, I stood up and offered to take the lead and try to get us some momentum, the wind was nasty, my legs and lungs were on fire but I had got our speed up to 14 Mph and was passing everyone else.

What happened next was the closest I am ever going to get to being in a break away in the Tour De France, I looked behind to see I had dropped Dean, he couldn’t cling onto my back wheel, I didn’t want to slow down just yet, I kicked again and got to 17 mph, then as we left the coastal road I got back up to 20 mph, I kept looking behind and couldn’t see Dean, in fact there was no-one in front of me either, I had no one to defend and no one to attack, it was physically and mentally tough, it was ALL ME !!!

Do I Or Dont I ?

With a Mile to go I decided to stop and wait for him, I went to change down gears only for them not to work, bugger, the wind was still bad but nothing like Lytham, I wasnt sure what to do, I was stuck in the highest gear, if i stopped I wasnt sure I would get going again.

I made the hard choice to not wait and picked up my pace again, looking at my Garmin I was going to do it ! I was going to beat 4 Hours ! now it was just a question of by how much ?

as I pulled onto the Sea Front I was amazed to feel the wind change, I kicked and finished with a classy 30mph sprint finish !

Blackpool Tower , Amazing Shrinking Gaz

Dean was just 2-3 Mins behind me. We congratulated each other on a great team ride and rushed to look at the stats on my Garmin (stats Below):

I also have a video of my finish, I will upload it in the next few days.

Number 2

PLEASE dig deep and sponsor me, it’s for a GREAT cause ! I put myself on the line and beat last years time by 1 Hour and 30 Mins and didn’t even take a rest stop  !!!!! If that doesn’t deserve sponsoring them maybe doing it in under 4 hours at 20 stone does ?

Avg Moving Speed: 16.4 mph
Max Speed: 39.6 mph
Time: 03:46:41
Distance: 61.74 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,249 ft
Calories: 4,654 C

A Video Of The 39 Stone Cyclist’s Great Escape From Obesity

25 06 2010

England Vs Germany is not far away now, Here is the England Supporters Band with “The Great Escape” and a few piccys of me , to get you in the mood for the big game, turn your soud up and enjoy !

Z+5 is 1 Part of 3 Events this week, We shall Call ‘Em, Life Changing !

24 06 2010
I love this picture.


In what could turn out to be an iconic picture I snapped the above on Monday Morning. I had just put a smaller stem on the slightly larger Ribble and was about to leave when I thought “That looks great, Time for a piccy”

I started the week on the Ribble, but that’s not how it would end.


Took in a couple of great hills in what turned out to be a 22 mile day, while I was nowhere close to the pace I was at before my holiday I was sneaking up to the distance, but weight wasnt the only thing I lost on Holiday, fitness was also lost too, lets hope it returns ASAP.


Tuesday I kept it to 14 miles due to the fact I got up late and was knackered at the end of a long day training.


Back up to 20 miles again, and enjoying the hills I was taking on the way home, the 12% 1 Mile hill was turning out to be quite fun, Half way home and in Ashton I stopped at a red light (I know, breaking the stereotype that all cyclists run red lights) I was in the big ring and ready to sprint away, as soon as I stepped on the peddles BOOM I heard a bang and felt a wobble, looked at my rear wheel and it was badly damaged, before I know it there was an almighty noise, the wheel skidded and that was that, the rear derailleur had sheered off and gone into the spokes, had a nice walk home but can’t help thinking I could have done 26.2 miles if it wasnt for the issue.



Was back on the Surosa and remembering why I love it so much, finished on 19 miles for the day but whats more is that I stood up for half of the 12% hill I  am now taking in, it was the hottest day of the week and by the top im sure I looked half dead, well that was the impression that the paramedic gave when he took a double take at me, either that or he was thinking “A fat lad shouldnt be able to do that” lol

Here is a pic of the hill, from now on its know as THOD (The Hill Of Death), while it’s not great, it give you an idea of the mile climb.

Looking down the bit I cycle up.

OK so its nothing for you 10 stone cyclists but getting my 290 lbs up there isn’t easy, added to the fact that to get to this point from where I work it’s a gradual hill, im happy enough.


Was tired Friday morning, so only did 11 miles BUT in events that shocked me I set an average of 16.5 Mph, Happy nuff, Friday evening took in the above pictured hill and that was that and another 20 miles done.

I then watched th 3 LIONS ROAR !!!! ………..After watching old game highlights I put ITV on to watch the 3 Lions turn into 3 pussy cats, but that’s for another day, Ohh I take the blame as just before kick off I ordered the new England away shirt !! Took optimistic eh.

Sooo, me looking for and attacking hills is event 1 or 3 I talked about in the title, long may it continue.

Event number 2 happened on Saturday Morning:

When I got married my Ring size was “Z+5” I then put more weight on and it wouldn’t fit, it was too tight, that give you an idea of just how HUGE I used to be, the next time I attempted to put it on it was way too big, so we decided to leave it for a bit and allow me to lose more weight, so when I took it in on Saturday AM to get altered both the shop assistant myself and my wife almost passed out when we found out that it will need to be made 10 sizes smaller !!!

Event Number 3 was Saturday afternoon.

I said when I started to lose weight that I wanted a tattoo, well now was the time, I went to

Heart 4 Art (Shameless plug alert)

In Ashton and set about getting my first tattoo, I was a little worried that it would hurt as it was totally new to me, but it didn’t, actually it was enjoyable, so much so that I want me another 😀

Thanks again to the great people at Heart 4 Art who put me totally at ease………….What is it you say ? Well ……….

Touchdown CHARGERS !

That was taken just a few hours after it was done so its gonna take a while to settle down, but not bad for a “First time”

Stay tuned as we will have some excellent videos for you in the coming weeks.


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