FOUR !!!!!! Gaz Goes Shopping.

27 10 2010

It’s not every day that you will see me in a sports shop, well truth was, 10 years or so ago I didnt shop anywhere else, since then, there has been no point at all, as NOTHNG ever came close to fitting me.

Of course, that has all changed now and I spent around 3 hours in one on my 30th Birthday (I know, I know, living it up)

I’ll start with a golf / Cycling picture.

The 39 Stone Golfer ???

The top I had on was a Karrimoor XL cycling top, the golf  club was a ermmmm. nop, no idea 🙂

I was like a “kid in a sweetshop” I tried on pretty much every single football shirt they had (Excluding Manchester City & Liverpool of course)

I still started with 3xl , until by the end, my mind was set that in 99% of stuff XL was more than fine, I even purchased a Large top too.It might just take me as long to get mentally used to my body changes as its taken me to make the changes.

In the end I got some cycling tops, Tshirts and a compression top.

After I left, I still had a fair bit of cash left, so I thought to myself, Why not order a Pro Team Kit and just SEE if it fits or not ???

Did it ?

Oh Sorry…….Gotta run…Maybe next time 🙂

Do you BELIEVE ?


A Video Of The 39 Stone Cyclist’s Great Escape From Obesity

25 06 2010

England Vs Germany is not far away now, Here is the England Supporters Band with “The Great Escape” and a few piccys of me , to get you in the mood for the big game, turn your soud up and enjoy !

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