My review of Wicked monkey cycle wear

25 12 2014

The easiest way of reviewing the clothing offered by wicked monkey cycle wear  would be to post up the photos I have of me cycling with the jerseys from them on.

Sadly, the photos are from before I retired from cycling some 12 months ago &  are currently held on my Samsung Galaxy s5,however, sadly this phone is one I’ve not seen since the summer, I’m hoping I’ll have it back shortly &  I’ll duly add photos then.

Until such a time all I can say for anyone who is taller or rounder than your average emaciated cyclist is to use wicked monkey

I’m asked almost daily where the larger cyclist should shop.
There is nowhere better, I’ve used aerotech from the states and while a nice fit, they don’t come close on style or comfort

You’ll get amazing advice and service from Iain &  Kate &  of course a great deal of comfort when cycling

So if today you’ve got a bike because in the new year your going to lose weight and need to know where to shop, well now you know

Tell them Gaz sent you



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