Selective Eating Disorder – I Got You’re Number !

29 10 2012

As some of you know, I have suffered with selective eating disorder (or as it was called in the old days, I am a fussy eater) for all of my adult life.

Since I was around 3 years old, All I have eaten , has been Crisp, sweets and chocolate, easy to get to 40 stone eating just that little lot, but REALLY hard losing it, eating high calorific and fat foods that offer virtually no nutritional value at all, the weight loss results with such an eating disorder are remarkable , being able to ride so far and so fast , pretty much astounds all that are in the know.

My eating disorder was always the “Last Chapter” the thing I knew would take me the longest, I know what foods my kids need to eat for a healthy balanced diet and I know now, how to cook and prepare such meals.

But until recently, I hadnt really had an angle on my own actual eating, people like Clive, picked up on this due to a total lack of food talk here, so, 18 months ago I came out and admitted my issues here.

This weekend, I finally feel, that in the main, Im so over it :0), allow me to explane.

In the past, I was always scare to try new foods, scared of the taste, the texture , the touch, the fact that it was hot food and not cold crisps

See, the thing is, you need a HUGE amount of support around you to beat ANY eating disorder, and until recent events conspired, I simply didnt have that, however, now I do, within the space of a little more than 2 weeks, I have eaten Fruit and Veg, such as Bananas, Cuecumbers, Carrots , Beetroot , apples and oranges.

Then I moved on, I move onto Pizza, Cheese at first, it was ok, but wasnt my bag, simply put, not spicy enough BUT I had taken the first step, I was eating, in public, something hot and thats something I have not done since I was 3 years old.


Then the big guns came out to play, Extra Spicy Pizza , I was bowled over by the flavors  the taste , the warmth and the ENJOYMENT.

That wasn’t really good enough though. I was pushing for much more,I was feeling over the eating disorder BUT I decided that I wanted to eat crisps again, NOT because I wanted to go back to my old ways, but because I wanted to end the daemons that’s held me for so long.


To break the cycle, I started with another new food, spicy hot wings, (I think im in love TBH) they are 165 calories for 2, then the next meal was my old buddy, spicy madras warburtons pita chips 700 calories per bag.

The thing is, the game had totally changed now, for the crisps were cold and un welcoming and not anywhere near as filling as something that has a HUGE amount of calories LESS. but the flavor too wasn’t as rich and eating something cold , just wasn’t nice anymore.


I now, no longer WANT crisp’s, where as when I have attempted this before (half arsed I admit) I was always trying things and then going back to crisps, but NEVER again. Im going to make this stick, like the weight loss, I have even found another passion, COOKING, Its like a giant orchestra and I am the conductor , I love it.

On the cycling front, I have not looked at, never mind touched a bike for 20 days now, and to prove that weight loss is much more than just working out, check this picture.


Lot’s of people have said to me, that if I didn’t cycle, I’d PILE the weight back on, it’s so not true though, however, this lack of cycling isn’t going to carry on much longer, its more circumstance than choice if I am honest ….and that brings me onto my final point.


Lance Armstong

25 10 2012

So, I sit here, late night, kids are sleeping, the TV turned off, looking forward to not having a crazy early morning tomorrow and I think about Lance, see a lot of people who follow me on Twitter have asked for my reaction to the case and frankly I have not been able to give one, for anyone who knows me, knows what is going on in my private life is way bigger than anything else in that is going on with a pro sportsman.

But I’ve time here to sit and think

and frankly I think this :

LANCE ARMSTONG Is still and always will be a LEGEND

Yes, it does appear he was a doper along with a lot of people that were in his teams etc

But the statements all  stink IMHO, according to most, all the doping stopped in 2006 when Lance retired, but we know thats FAR from true, ex Doper David Miller was quoted as saying “the speed of the peloton now, is much higher than the dopers days” that doesn’t prove anything of course.


Too many people have sold out, most with a “Reason” to as well.

Then we look at the fact that my GC riders in the “Lance ” years were doped up too

Then we look at the bands for Alberto, Frank (Schleck)

Yadda Yadda Yadda


Yes Lance doped, but


Lance inspired me to become a cyclist and save my life, for my kids

Lance has raised money for Cancer

Lance has raised the profile of cycling

Lance has raised awareness of cancer

Lance was still a dead man walking, who came back and won 7 TdF titles , while all his main rivals were doped too

Lance looks good in yellow

So…Thats my take, I know a lot wont like it or think im deluded but without Lance, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, I wouldnt , so Lance Armstong, LiveSTONG , you sir are a LEGEND !!!!!!!!

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